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    Double Stroke or Wrist/Fingers for Ghost Notes?

    Hello all. One thing I've been working on lately are ghost notes. When playing at slower tempos, playing with the wrist feels good. But what about for faster tempos? My wrists aren't up to snuff, but doubles seem to work decently, although I'm afraid the notes may be too loud when using double...
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    Adjusting to Acoustic Bass Drums

    Hey everyone. I've played an electric set most of my life but just over a year ago I bought an acoustic set to go alongside the electric. I like the feel of most of the kit, but I can't for the life of me get used to playing the bass drum (especially with double kick). When I go to the electric...
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    What Snare Is This?

    Hey people of Drummerworld! So my dad works at a school and this snare was just sitting around so he said I could have it. Is it what I think it is, a Ludwig Acrolite? Thanks!
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    How much are used B8's worth?

    I am selling my B8 cymbals, but I don't want to rip someone off if they buy them and at the same time I don't want to rip myself off. What do you think would be a fair price to sell these for? Thanks!
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    Slave Pedal Making Clicking Noise

    So I've noticed that the slave pedal on my gibraltar intruder has a fair amount of lag compared to the master pedal. I've read that many double bass pedals are like this. I'm not really sure what urged me to do this, but by pressing lightly on the cam, I noticed it makes a loud "clack!" sound...