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    Ludwig Speed King repair

    There are several videos on YouTube that detail how to refurbish a speed king.
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    What are your favorite albums?

    AC/DC-Powerage The Who-Who's Next Tool-Aenima Black Sabbath-Volume 4 Queen-A Night at The Opera Rage Against The Machine-Evil Empire Sleep-Holy Mountain Led Zeppelin-Physical Graffiti Baroness-Yellow and Green Pygmy Love Circus-The power of Beef Rush-Hemispheres
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    Paiste crash alpha vs pst7

    You can find some PST 5 Thins on Ebay. I love the Pst 7's that I have heard. They have a very similar sound to the 2002's IMHO.
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    Ordered a used snare from Guitar Center.

    I must be the exception. I got back into drumming after years of inactivity and vowed to buy all used equipment to keep costs low. I bought a lot of stuff off GC and some nice experiences. I got a DW 3000 snare stand that was listed as excellent that was brand new, still had the stickers and...
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    80" Paiste Gong: Other worldly tones

    It's like a cross between a horror movie soundtrack and a whale's song.
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    Hello- New Here

    Welcome friend.
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    Snare 14x5.5 made in Japan 60s MIJ

    MIJ drums are really hit or miss. I bought a US Mercury snare a few years ago off Ebay that sounded incredible and had a great tuning range. I bought another US Mercury a couple years later that was a total dog. The red sparkle finish was gorgeous but that was the only saving grace.
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    What earplugs do you use?

    I use orange foam shooter's ear plug.
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    Ludwig Supraphonic Deal

    Thanks. You got it. It's all about the sound and this baby sounds so good. It's got that hollow sweetness that I love about Supraphonics. I'm looking forward to cleaning it up and putting some fresh heads on it.
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    Snare 14x5.5 made in Japan 60s MIJ

    Awesome. I like little projects like that as long as you drop too much coin, which it sounds like you didn't. Sounds like you gave an old drum some new life.
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    Help identifying drum set

    The snare is a Ludwig Standard. Great snares. Ludwig marketed these snares and drum kits from 1968 to 1973 as a competitor to the inexpensive Japanese kits that were flooding the market.
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    Ludwig Supraphonic Deal

    There is a local Music store that is going out of business and I thought I would check it out. I was looking at their snare selection and found a 1976 5 x14" Supraphonic for $110. It does have some pitting and a little rusty but at that price I had to get it. It sounds amazing and while it may...
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    Ludwig Jazz Festival or Pioneer Snare?

    Hello folks. Sorry if this has already been covered but I have the opportunity to buy either a Jazz festival or a Pioneer. Both are mint and a steal. The Jazz festival is 189 and the Pioneer is 140. I would love to buy both but the wife objects. Which would you go with.