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  1. J

    DW Frequent Flyer Kit

    Looks good, nice finish.
  2. J

    How to dampen or lower-down the volume of an 8" splash?

    Use mesh heads and those plastic practice cymbals from Pintech or some other company. If its about practicing quiet, then play something that doesn't create real sound.
  3. J

    Wood beater suggestions?

    I bought a few wood beaters, custom and Low boys etc looking for more punch/attack. Then I got a Trick Dead Blow beater. It its a game changer. No more wood, felt , plastic whatever, get the Trick beater!
  4. J

    Famous flubs?

    sounds like a 6 inch splash cymbal more than a rim.
  5. J

    This is a cool look

    Did DW up the price for the no color look? I like my 5000 Black and Red
  6. J

    Are Paiste Giant Beats and Paiste 404 the same?

    It doesn’t feel like budget cymbal. It feels a little “thicker” than the Giant Beat. But I don’t know if it’s actually thicker or heavier. I checked the serial number and it’s a 404 from 1986. Not sure if they were thin or not back then. Still feel like I scored for $50 though. the 404's...
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    Are Paiste Giant Beats and Paiste 404 the same?

    LOVED the 404 and 505 lines. when i was young they were so inexpensive and sounded great. an 18 inch crash was like 30 bucks new! i think a 404 16 was like 22 dollars!!!!!! that's not a lot of money today and wasn't a lot back them either. they didn't last and would crack a but the price was...
  8. J

    Bop & cafe kits

    i have always been tempted to get one of these, just not sure of the sound of the bass and snare. i love the idea of just walking into a gig and dropping this thing down though.
  9. J

    What happens to me after watching Buddy lol

    Your a Traditional grip player....let me be the first to block YOU!! hahaha nice job!
  10. J

    How do you guys search craigslist?

    hahaha all of the above as i sit here with my coffee and readers on!
  11. J

    How do you guys search craigslist?

    There is a guy around here that has the typical Wanted old drums post. he is the typical scammer/ poster that is hoping someone will sell grandpas round badge Gretsch kit for 50 bucks. He has about 5 ads running at all times to buy, i have NEVER seen him sell.
  12. J

    Happy October - Show us your Monster

    the best thing for that kit would be a circus and at the end of the night, an endless stream of clowns pour out of the resonant side head!!
  13. J

    How do you guys search craigslist?

    When searching for drums I find it a pain in the neck to input every different title i can think of in the search bar. If i put "Drum Kit" , people who list there kit as "Drums", dont show up in my search. I find myself search separately for Drum set, Drumset, Drums, Drum, drum kit etc to find...
  14. J

    Odd things you've done while drumming

    Once at a gig mid song i just stopped for no reason. My mind went kind of blank not about playing, just blank and i stopped. The guys turned around and I jumped back into the song but it was really weird to me, i have n idea why i did it..
  15. J

    Often ignored yet the key to kick tone...

    see what i dont get about sound men is this: I play a gig ( pre-covid but still booked every month) where they have a Rogers Holiday kit as a backline. The bass drum is literally full of laundry, maybe even sneakers, and the batter is so loose its like dead paper. The sound guy shows up, throws...
  16. J

    Why do you Play?

    1-Chicks 2-Money 3- Fame Wait, Im 0 for 3? why the hell do i play??? I QUIT DAMNIT!
  17. J

    C & C drums,..

    I used their dimension on their Super Flyer drum kit as an inspiration to cut down my shells to make the same kit. I wanted a compact, easy transport kit with a big sound and thats their Super Flyer. No regrets cutting my kit to match the C&C design. Props to C&C for doing it first!
  18. J

    First time in 6 months!

    I always make a point to show how silly those are......;)🍺
  19. J

    How much spare gear do you bring to a gig?

    UGH!!!! Just happened at Friday's gig. I have a spare snare head, spare pedal, one of those emergency kits with tape, snare cords , felts, etc but I never thought I would need an inner sleeve for a lug! During sound check, one of the tension rods broke the inner sleeve from the lug. ( NOTE the...
  20. J

    Question for those that play an “ergonomic” setup.

    I have never been to a live show where the bass drum was angled, they always face the front of the house, I have seen drummers set up sideways but thats not what we are talking about here. I face mine forward, and i admit my foot sometimes crosses the pedal a little bit if im playing heel down...