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    Evans Hydraulic Heads

    Hi, I want to replace the stock heads on a Tama Swingstar kit I picked up used. Looking for a classic/hard rock sound. Thinking about Evans hydraulic heads. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Sean
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    Vic Firth VKB5 Pedal

    Hi, Anyone own the Vic Firth VKB5 bass drum pedal? It looks interesting. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Sean
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    RTOM Gel Workout Pad

    Looking for feedback on the RTOM Gel workout pad. There is a 7 inch version and now a 14 inch version. Has anyone used one? Are they worthwhile? I understand they are designed to give you less of a bounce to increase strength and stamina in your hands. I am working on my doubles...
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    Evans EQ Pad

    Hello, Has anyone tried the evans EQ bass drum muffle pad? If so, thoughts? I am trying to figure out what to use to muffle my 20 inch bass drum. I have coated heads on the toms (10,12,14) and plan to use the kit (Yamaha Gigmaker) on small, quieter gigs. Thanks, Sean
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    Bring on the Night

    Hello, can anyone break down the hi hat pattern Stewart Copeland plays on Bring on the Night please? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hi, I have been playing about 3 years now. Started at age 52. It may be just my perception but not only have I seemed to have plateaud, I seem to be getting worse. Again, maybe it is my perception or heightened expectations. Has anyone ever had the same feeling? Thanks.
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    Online Course

    Hello, I have been taking lessons for two years and a bit. My present Instructor has stopped teaching. I was thinking about an online course. So many out there with so many great drummers. Any advice from someone who has benefited from an online course would be appreciated. Thanks Sean
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    Roxul Safe N Sound

    Hello, Has anyone used Roxul Safe N Sound to reduce noise? I am thinking of putting it in the ceiling in my unfinished basement above my drum set. If you have used it and recommend it please add any installation details. Thank you.
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    Ideas on Reducing Volume of Drums

    I am looking for an inexpensive way to make my house a little more livable for my housemates.I am planning to insulate the roof (between the beams) of my unfinished basement with Roxul. Then hang a moving blanket horizontally below the Roxul. Then hang moving blankets vertically to create a...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom Birch or Gretsch Catalina Ash?

    I am trying to decide which used kit to buy. I have two options. All things considered they are both in fantastic condition and the price is almost exactly the same. The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch comes with Dream Bliss line cymbals and the Gretsch has a mix of Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. Any...