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    Which drumming do you prefer? Sexy Sadie or Cry Baby Cry?

    Love both so I can't pick! Sexy Sadie: Cry Baby Cry:
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    Little Kid plays drums to a mall crowd Cute! :)
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    Ringo is sooo underrated "Ringo developed from a straight rock drummer into quite a musical thinker. He was always trying out different ideas." -George Martin on "I Feel Fine", Rolling Stone magazine, The Beatles 100 Greatest Songs issue...
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    Thoughts on this performance?

    It's one of my favourites. T.Rex, Marc Bolan, Ringo Starr + Elton John = EPIC!
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    Black Crowes Drummer Steve Gorman on Ringo Starr

    By Annie Zaleski, Thu., Aug. 26 2010 @ 12:45PM Categories: Story Outtakes On Ringo Starr and how Ringo influenced his playing as a drummer: RFT: I know that Ringo Starr is a big influence on you as a drummer, which I find interesting because while he is revered by many, he hasn't always been...
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    Top 3 Ringo Drumming?

    1. A Day In The Life: 2. Strawberry Fields Forever: 3. She Said She Said:
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    Spike Webb's top five drummers

    Drummers reveal 'Mad, Bad and Dangerous' experiences in book written by Watford musician 8:48am Thursday 19th August 2010 Print Email Share Comments(0) By Michael Pickard » Top drummers took over a Watford pub to mark the launch of a new book revealing some of their craziest experiences on...
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    Favourite Live Performance by your fav drummers?

    Ringo Starr - Long Tall Sally - 1964 Washington: Keith Moon - My Generation - Marquee Club 1967:
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    In honor of Ringo's 70th B-Day....

    What are your Top 10 Favourite Beatles Drumming by Ringo? My Top 10 in no order with quotes from various musicians including Ringo: "The fill is the art of the drummer, that happens in the moment. That’s always been the way with me. I can’t think about it. I don’t play drum...
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    Ringo Starr: Yer Blues vs. I Want You

    Yer Blues: vs. I Want You: Both have great drumming...My vote goes to Yer Blues.
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    Drum Battle #1: She Said She Said vs. Behind Blue Eyes

    Ringo Starr - She Said She Said (1966): vs. Keith Moon - Behind Blue Eyes (1971):
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    How would you explain a drum fill to a non-drummer?

    I'm not a drummer but I can understand what it is. But I'm trying to explain it to a friend, how would I explain it?
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    Is it just me or...

    Is Ringo's drumming in The Beatles' 'Yer Blues' similar sounding to 'Instant Amnesia'? Instant Amnesia: Yer Blues:
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    Cream's Ginger Baker trashes legends in Classic Rock Magazine, Issue #142, March 2010

    "Keith Moon as a drummer? Nah. He was good with The Who, I suppose, when he tried to play like me....Moonie was a wonderful guy, but if you're going to judge from minus two to 10 then I'm a golden 10. Mitch Mitchell [The Jimi Hendrix Experience] was a journeyman. He was hopeless. John Bonham...
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    Most Influential Early Rock Drummers?

    My picks are Ringo and Keith Moon. Ringo's drumming in songs like I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You ( and Long Tally Sally ( in 1963 basically predated the flashy drummers that followed him. If you...
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    Your Top 3 Favourite Bands of the 60s?

    My Top 3: 1. The Beatles: 2. The Who: 3. The Zombies:
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    Video of your favourite drummer

    My second favourite is Keith Moon, but my first favourite was the drummer for Rory Storm + The Hurricanes which was the biggest band in Liverpool Merseybeat before The Beatles even had a name:
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    Keith Moon's drumming: Behind Blue Eyes vs. This Song Is Over

    I think both are terrific and both songs are my favs from The Who...But of the two, I vote for Behind Blue Eyes. I love when he comes in at 2:09. Behind Blue Eyes: vs. This Song Is Over:
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    Ringo's drumming: Strawberry Fields Forever vs. A Day In The Life

    A Day In The Life is my #1 fav Beatles song... But I think Ringo's better drumming of the two is Strawberry Fields Forever. A Day In The Life: VS. Strawberry Fields Forever: Some nice quotes of Ringo...
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    Most Underrated Drummer - Male + Female?

    For guys, my pick is Ringo of The Beatles: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- For girls, my pick is...