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    Do you think they hired a drummer? I don't think the actor is a drummer but props to him if he's not for his fake stick throw.
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    BIG surprise

    I feel like I have to share this story. My wife threw a surprise birthday for me yesterday which caught me totally off guard since my actual birthday isn't for another 5 weeks. After mingling with the guests and eating lunch she gathers everyone into the backyard to make a speech. She starts...
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    Finding Bandmates

    So our lead guitar player moved and now it's up to me to recruit his replacement. We're not bad but we're not great either. None of us remaining in the band have any delusions of making money at this, we just enjoy playing together. I posted a want ad on craigslist but am not getting the...
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    Who's in their prime?

    This thought came to me after seeing TOP this past weekend. Who are the drummers/artists/bands out there right now that in 20 years we'll be wishing we had gone to see in their prime? I would submit Tommy Igoe and the Birdland Big Band would be a must see. On a related note, are people like...
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    Tower or Power Tonight!!!

    Seeing David Garibaldi do his thing is high on my bucket list but I will get to cross it off after tonight. So stoked.
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    Funky Miracle Transcription

    Anyone have a transcription of this great tune by the Meters that they could share? My band will be playing this at a gig in a couple of weeks and I'm just not getting the right feel.
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    Percussion emulates lyrics

    I often see a lot of talk on these boards about how the drum part should serve the music and I agree with that sentiment. Sometimes it's even taken quite literally. You know that part in Sultans of Swing when the lyrics say something about a time bell ringing then the guitar and drums have a...
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    Forearm Strength

    Will my strength (or lack thereof) particularly in my forearms prevent me from getting my double strokes up to 200 bpm? To put this in context, I am one of the weakest adult males I know. I've always thought that you don't have to be strong to be fast, based on some of the kid drummers I've seen...
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    Anyone know who plays the song "Ladybug" if that's even the name of it. The beginning lyrics go "Boom you smacked me". A google search doesn't turn up the results. This is literally the only thing google has ever failed at for me.
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    Why is it that I can play 8th notes with either hand at 165 bpm without breaking a sweat but when I try and play 16th notes at the same tempo it all of a sudden becomes a lot of effort? In my mind maybe it should be a little bit harder but not significantly because I know both hands are capable...
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    Gospel Fill

    I'm trying to learn the fill done at the end of the intro to the song "Crazy" by Deluge. Here's the youtube clip: The fill in question is at 0:33 Anything anyone can come up with is better than what I've got. Thanks in advance!
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    Washing Machine Plays a Beat

    This washing machine is better than I am...
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    You know you are a drummer when...

    I heard the word flammable and my mind did not immediately think "able to be lit on fire" or "combustible" but rather that a flam could be executed on it. What are your examples?
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    I love this site!

    Hey everyone, I've been visiting this site for quite some time and can't say enough good things about it. The videos and sound clips, the transcriptions, the discussion forums are all gold. I don't know why but I didn't create an ID earlier; next to google this is probably the site I visit most.