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    I just found out about this band yesterday. Who here knew of them? The video is from 1971. Check out the mismatched floor tom, and they do the Beatles "Hey Bulldog."
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    Tiny Drums.

    I don't know if this was posted before (I searched and found nothing), but I just love those black dot heads. :geek:
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    I'm just finding this out NOW?!!!!!

    I'm basically a self taught drum hobbyist. My regular gig is at a church that I've been playing at since 2004. I got my first snare drum (a toy) at about 5 years old, back in 1970 or 71, and have been playing ever since. Not once have I ever come across this tip that I saw last week. It has to...
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    Testing a cymbal in person; Do you stick a finger in your ear?

    In this picture from a 1979 Paiste catalog, the man in the red sweater appears to put his finger in his ear while testing the hi-hat at the Paiste factory. I think I heard someone tell me many moons ago that blocking one ear is a good way to test a cymbal because it supposedly gives a sound that...
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    Promark sticks - clickier than others?

    Maybe it’s my imagination, but when I watch a drum video and I see the drummer using Promark sticks, the cymbals seems to have a more pleasant clicky type sound. Am I nuts, or is there something to this? I have bought only a couple of pairs of Promark sticks my entire life and they were oak...
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    Steel Drum Videos

    Share any other videos you like please!
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    Steel Drum Videos (Double Posted this Thread- Please Delete -Thanks!)

    Share any others you like please!
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    Anyone remember the triple tipped stick?

    This has to be well over 30 years ago. I remember purchasing nylon tip sticks that had a curved and thin plastic cord that went through the wood that added another tip on each side of the regular tip like a trident. I think Regal Tip made these? I went looking online to see if I could find any...
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    3D Jazz Trio @ Memphis Drum Shop

    After watching this, I couldn't help but think that many of us guys are far too serious. At least I know I can be. They look like they're having a blast from start to finish.
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    Removed a suspension mount

    Not sure why I'm sharing this. Maybe some of you might find this interesting? The other day I was looking at pics online of Remo MasterEdge/MasterTouch drum kits. Since I still own a MasterEdge kit and I still get to play my former MasterTouch kit that I donated to my church, I like to look at...
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    Drums in Church - Are You in the Monitors?

    It was brought up by a few of you in another thread about mics on church kits, or the lack thereof. I don't want to derail that thread so I started this one. Mic'ing drums in church is a sore spot with me. The drums in my church are mic'ed, but I can't get the sound guy to turn me up in the...
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    John Fogerty

    The Kenny Aronoff and John Fogerty thread got me thinking about how much I like Fogerty's own drumming on his early solo albums. Some of you may not know that Fogerty can play just about any instrument he gets his hands on and he plays them all very well. He played all the instruments on his...
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    Excellent Remo Snare Batter Head Comparison Video

    I think this video is one of the better comparison videos out there at the moment. If you are thinking of getting a new Remo snare batter head, this video should really help. They don't cover them all, unfortunately, like the Clear C.S. Black Dot. But it still is a great help for decision...
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    Do You Ever Close Your Eyes When Playing?

    I see many musicians closing their eyes when singing or playing an instrument. I know drummers do it too. Just wondering if you do it and how often. I must admit that I never close my eyes live, just in practice occasionally. I get nervous that I'll miss my target or not see some crazed person...
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    New Paiste's for 2017! Start saving your $$$ now!
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    Dog Plays Metallica!

    This pooch may replace Lars, possibly?
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    Clem Cattini

    You've probably never heard of him, but he has played drums on lots of older hit records. Check out this short news clip from a few years ago... I love the guy just for this particular recording here…
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    Apollo 100 -The Rare & Great "Drum" Version of the song "Popcorn" You've Probably Never Heard!

    Apollo 100 -The Rare & Great "Drum" Version of the song "Popcorn" You've Probably Never Heard! If you're old enough, you may remember the song called Popcorn that I think was made famous by "Hot Butter" in the early 1970s. Apollo 100 did a very similar version of that...
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    Bass Drum Tuning w/Pillow

    Those of you who use pillows in your bass drum, how do you all tune your bass drum heads, slack, medium or tight and why? I have never used a pillow in the bass before and want to try it out soon. I plan to experiment with various tensions, but would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
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    Vic Firth 5B Barrel Tip Sticks -a quick review

    I tend to gravitate toward barrel tip sticks. For instance, I love the Regal Tip 8A's and the VF Steve Gadd sticks and other similar types. I love that barrel tips tend to clean out the sound on the cymbals. VF describes it as more "clarity" on the cymbals. I very rarely use anything bigger than...