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  1. Rattlin' Bones

    The Ride is The King

    Change in perspective on playing drums as our quartet moves more towards jazz (and even thinking quartet vs group, and compositions/ pieces vs songs). No such thing as “riding too much”. Less hats more ride. With blues shuffles the hats usually back vocals and are primary cymbal. I’ve been to...
  2. Rattlin' Bones

    Porting a Shallow Kick

    Or - how to ruin the tune of your bass drum. I had a Remo shiny 18" kick drum reso I wasn't using, so I bought a KickPort 2" port and put it on that drum head and installed said head on my new 18x10 INDe wayfarer kick drum. Bad idea. Before the port that drum was very musical you could hear a...
  3. Rattlin' Bones

    My New Canopus Kit

    I've been looking for a lighter kit to haul around to gigs (lighter than my Ludwig Classic Maple with 20x14 kick). And, I really wanted a shallow kick to help with some tight stage spaces. I also wanted something built in USA, or else Japan. I looked for vintage Tama Japan, Sakae, that sorta kit...
  4. Rattlin' Bones

    Should I Port My 18x10 Kick?

    I'm getting an 18x10 kick with a Canopus ash kit. It was custom built for one of their artists. Hardly used. Anyway, I have two questions: 1. Should I port the reso head? Most of our gigs are low volume jazz affairs where drums are un-mic'd (other instruments are electric bass, electric guitar...
  5. Rattlin' Bones

    What is Lightest Drum Kit Available

    What's the lightest lowest weight kit available? I want a smallish (18"BD max size) kit I can store upstairs for quick trips out to the car for gigs, instead of lugging heavy kit up from basement. Needs to be gig-worthy (as in stand up to a lot of gigging and abuse) and also be ultra-light...
  6. Rattlin' Bones

    Show Us Your Set List

    I thought this would be interesting. Post a pic of one page of a recent set list you played, including notes and reminders. Here is mine from a 45 minute set last Friday. Instrumentation was trio with jazz guitar keys and drums, backing up singer.
  7. Rattlin' Bones

    Xilxo West Coast Ride vs Vintage Zildjian A's

    Xilxo is house brand for Cymbal House in Covington, KY (across river from Cincinnati OH). They are made in Turkey. Hand hammered. I bought a very light (under 1700g) 20" Xilxo West Coast ride from them last spring. After over a year playing it I must say it is an exceptional jazz ride. The...
  8. Rattlin' Bones

    Cymbal Weight Calculator

    This calculator generates a weight category when you enter diameter and weight in grams. I've been using it to categorize cymbals for sale on eBay and Reverb as possible candidates for my purchase if they gen as extremely light or extra light, so I can compare an 18" to a 20" to a 16" as to...
  9. Rattlin' Bones

    Vintage Zildjian Ride Shootout

    Well, a comparison of two vintage Zildjian thin-ish ride cymbals. And I mean real vintage. A lot of ads on Reverb and eBay for "vintage" and they're selling a hollow ink stamp logo Zildjian.I actually saw a ZBT labeled "vintage" on eBay yesterday lol. Anyway, in my eternal search for just the...
  10. Rattlin' Bones

    Older 40's and 50's Zildjian A (USA) Stamp Question

    Question - is the area around and where stamp is on older (say, 40's or 50's) Zildjian cymbals sometimes raised like a small bump? I see some cymbals for sale with this included as part of description. If so, is it because they put something small behind cymbal where they stamped it like a...
  11. Rattlin' Bones

    Does Thin = Washy?

    Like a lot of us, I'm always searching for just the right cymbal stand. I'm now looking for a sparkly, shimmery, washy sorta ride cymbal for jazz. What you would have heard live listening to any major jazz trio quartet or other smallish jazz ensemble in 40's or 50's or 60's. I have nice cymbals...
  12. Rattlin' Bones

    The Golden Maples

    Bo has his Black Pearls....but I just got me some Golden Maples this week. I've been wanting a 2nd kit to keep on first floor of our house so, for gigs, so I don't have to lug everything up and down stairs from basement. I can now keep one kit downstairs ready for practice or jams, and keep the...
  13. Rattlin' Bones

    Ludwig Experts: Ludwig Classic Maple Opinions

    So all you Ludwig experts: date this kit. I have recently acquired a Ludwig kit. It is supposed to be a Classic Maple. The interior is a light wood. There are no date stamps inside shells. Can anyone help with an approximate date range for this kit? There are no stamps in shells, and badge is...
  14. Rattlin' Bones

    INDe Drum Lab New Strainer on Old Drum

    I have a very excellent Slingerland six lug snare. It sounds fantastic. Thin 3 ply with re-rings. But the original strainer was shot. Beyond repair. A replacement rebuilt Slingerland strainer was almost $100. Since I gig with this snare and it's not on a museum shelf under glass, I didn't need...
  15. Rattlin' Bones

    Playing "In The Crack" Johnny Vidacovich

    I've learned more from watching this guy on YouTube than anyone else since my first drum teachers from 1968-1975. My first teachers taught me the rudiments, how to play concert and marching snare, and how to read music. But it wasn't until I took up playing drums again a few years ago (after...
  16. Rattlin' Bones

    Premier APK Club Ace Any Good????

    Is the Premier APK Club Ace kit any good? I know it's made in Taiwan. But is it any good? I'd like to have a shallow kick drum and a bop-size kit. But I don't wanna buy junk that will fall apart hauling around to local gigs. What are your opinions?
  17. Rattlin' Bones

    Slingerland Snare Throw Help

    I think I know the answer, but thought I'd throw this out to the experts: My snare throw is wanky. After I dis-engage, it's terribly difficult to re-engage. I'm guessing its because I'm. missing the cork/rubber piece that keeps throw from falling too low. Is that what I need - that cork/...
  18. Rattlin' Bones

    Need 1 1/8" Boom Cymbal Mount

    I need a 1" boom cymbal mount so I can insert it into the tom mount on my kick drum. The tom mount is 1" diameter. Any guidance or help will be appreciated.
  19. Rattlin' Bones

    Drum Features You Miss

    What features of drums or hardware from the past do you miss the most? What is missing from modern drums or hardware that you wish would come back? For me it's a muffler being standard on every snare. It's such an important feature. Moon Gel or a wallet don't work as well as ability to fine...
  20. Rattlin' Bones

    Snares: Live Gigs vs Studio Recording

    I recently went back into studio with our band (haven't been in a long time). And, we're gigging a lot now. I guess I'm either older and wiser, or else just more OCD lol. I hear a big difference between which of my snares sound good in studio recorded vs what sounds good live. Live I'm choosing...