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    What's YOUR single best investment in drum gear?

    Best investment I made was picking up a SKB 48" gear box. All my stands go in there, its rugged and puts up with way too much abuse.
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    Maybe you've seen this interview?

    I agree with the smiling...I just love the fact that he's smiling the whole time. There is a joy to playing drums, and its evident watching him. (Of course, if you get to play in Paul McCartney's band, you ought to be smiling) I can't do "serious musician face" either...anytime I see photos...
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    Music that moves you to tears

    After a couple hours of stewing about it... I think that in a particularly depressed mood, "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down gets me, especially when singing along. Perhaps that speaks more about me (and those moods), heh heh.
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    Music that moves you to tears

    I'm frustrated. I don't find that I'm moved like that, or to that extreme, but there was one that I choked up on (especially trying to sing along with it), and now that the discussion is upon me, I can't for the life of me remember what it is.
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    Who is Gary Chester?

    This is all pretty interesting. I have to admit tho, I was hooked from the first line... This piece was published first in the Piscataquis Observer weekly newspaper on October 29, 2018 as Who is Gary Chester?. I looked at that, and Piscataquis in particular, and said "there can't be any other...
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    Discussion- Worst Song You've Heard

    I always get a kick out of this discussion...we'll play either of them, if if fits the situation. And we'll have fun doing it. Never programmed in a set, always a request. I have a lot of fun when some wise guy yells "Freebird" thinking he's funny, and I reply back, "careful what you wish...
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    Discussion- Worst Song You've Heard

    I'll not venture into "worst song" territory on principle...but I do hate that song. And it takes me an awful lot to use the word "hate"...I really despise that one... I do like a lot of other stuff that Fogelberg did.
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    When you continue to struggle with tuning that one drum...

    I really wish I had the time, space and money to test this stuff out....sigh. Good knowledge, just the same.
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    Research Survey - Snare Drum Project

    I took your survey. My responses probably won't be helpful to you, either. I didn't see in your original post (or understand it, I suppose) that it would involve theory/notation questions. I'm self taught, so I don't know much (anything) about drag or any of the written music stuff. Sorry if...
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    What are the first 3 memorable rock concerts you attended?

    The first three concerts I went to wouldn't be the most memorable ones I've seen. 1981 ish - Blue Oyster Cult/Aldo Nova 1981 ish - Ted Nugent/Donnie Iris 1982 ish - J Giels Band/David Johansen (pre Buster Poindexter) Probably the three most memorable shows I've seen 90's sometime - Bruce...
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    I sing on most of our songs, background/harmony/choruses a large part of the time. I do sing lead on a few, the number depending on the venue and crowd, and the band composition for that particular gig. When we play as 3-piece, I sing lead more frequently, when we have the full 5-piece, I...
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    Band member vs. cast member.

    Just one original left in Foreigner, Mick Jones, and he doesn't even do all their shows...
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    Drummers on records

    I'd sign up for that gig, gladly...
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    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    I've never been a big Metallica guy, their genre isn't my favorite, tho I appreciate the popular stuff. He's obviously a far better drummer than I will ever be. Pretty sure that Lars has brought this on himself tho...act like a jerk, win jerky prizes. Might not be fair, as he might very well...
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    What Motivates You?

    I really enjoy playing. I took a number of years off, career/family, and now that I'm back playing again, I'm regretting letting it go completely, for all those years. I enjoy playing with others far more than just playing by myself. I get great joy in making a song happen, as a group. In...
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    need a Van Halen tune for the gig this weekend...

    Oh, we ended up with You really Got Me, as predicted. Tho the guitar player dropped a bit of Panama into one of his solos on another song, too, made me smile.
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    need a Van Halen tune for the gig this weekend...

    I used to do You Really Got Me many years ago, with my high school garage band, I'm quite certain that will be the one we end up doing...
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    What’s the first song you learned to play?

    Johnny B Goode. Hawaii 5.0 was what inspired me to want to play, but I likely learned Johnny B Goode before 5.0...
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    need a Van Halen tune for the gig this weekend...

    We have a keys player for some gigs...I would love to work up Jump. I don't think we'd be a good candidate to try and play it cold tho. Especially the solo sections. Dance The Night Away is a cool tune too. We do play some rock, just not a lot of VH style stuff.
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    need a Van Halen tune for the gig this weekend...

    Oh I forgot about Unchained.... love that song