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  1. jondrumming

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever actually played the Yamaha Washi kit?

    This thing is almost legendary... one of these has been on display at my music store for over three years now, and I've seen another kit at a different drum shop, also been there a long time. Is there anyone in the world who owns one of these? The guy at one store told me this kit's bad...
  2. jondrumming

    Resos for Clear EC2s?

    What resos would you guys recommend for clear EC2 batters? I'm looking for a deep, resonant "doooo" sound; I chose the EC2s because they seem to get rid of all the unwanted, excess overtones. I was thinking either clear G1s or G Pluses, anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. jondrumming

    Removing a leg from a hi hat stand

    I've got a Pearl 900 Series hi hat stand that I'm turning into a two-leg; I've already converted the bottom from the two metal bars to a solid baseplate, but I'm wondering... do I have to cut the legs off? Or is there a way of removing the two rivets that are holding on the third leg?
  4. jondrumming

    Kit Update

    Upgraded pedals to Iron Cobras, got rid of my DIY china... and made a DIY stack :) Next upgrades (in order of importance): Coated G2s or Coated EC2s, EMAD, Smooth White PS3 Reso Optimounts Iron Cobra Hi Hat 18" HHX China 13x6.5 Ludwig Black Magic 8x7 Tom 10" HHX Splash It's...
  5. jondrumming

    LONG overdue upgrade

    Finally upgraded my pedals from PDP 402s to Iron Cobra Power Glides. Man, what a difference, it's going to take a lot of getting used to! Sorry for all the pics, but this was a huge step forward :) And a pic of the kit, just because
  6. jondrumming

    If I were to buy an Iron Cobra Power Glide...

    ...what would happen if I swapped out the chain for a strap? Would the offset cam work in the same way? Or would it mess with the action of the strap drive?
  7. jondrumming

    Did uDrum Get Hacked?

    EDIT: TheArchitect is absolutely right, I should have considered that before posting; proceed at your own risk/
  8. jondrumming

    So, who went to NAMM this year?

    So wish I could have gone... but for any of you lucky folks that did, what did you make of all the new products? I hope you took some pictures for us :P
  9. jondrumming


    ITS FINALLY HERE! Some of you probably remember my quest for the new kit, and it's finally here! I thought I'd go against what everyone else does and instead of showing you pictures of the actual kit yet, first I'll show you my new CYMBALS! Sabian HHX Groove Hi Hats 14" Sabian HHXplosion Crash...
  10. jondrumming

    Remember all those threads about my "future" kit?

    NOW IT'S THE "PRESENT" KIT. It may surprise some of you a little bit, but here's a teaser, anyway, until I can get some higher quality pics than the bad cell phone pics i already took:
  11. jondrumming


    Well, folks, it's here: 2009 Gretsch Renown Purewood Oak 6-Piece
  12. jondrumming

    What's up with cymbal prices in canada?

    Sabian - About the same prices as the US (same number, I'm not counting the exchange) Zildjian - Strangely cheaper? Paiste - Mind-bogglingly expensive, I'm thinking way overpriced? Meinl - Pretty much the same story as Paiste, weirdly expensive... I emailed a drum shop here in Toronto...
  13. jondrumming

    Biased Store Employees? Is he just trying to sell his favourite brands...

    I was at the drum shop lately, asking about some kits, and the guy there recommended, for my budget, Stage Customs and 3007s. He said they were great kits, and I agreed with him, having played both myself. But then I looked at some of the other kits set up (Tama Superstar Hyperdrive, Pearl...
  14. jondrumming

    Some things I noticed today about different pedals

    I was at the drum store today, and I was trying out some pedals, and I had some odd first impressions of each one, and I wanted to know if anyone else kind of agreed with me about these things: Pearl Demon Drive Double: This was actually the first pedal I tried, I saw it and just thought WOW...
  15. jondrumming

    Mapex Saturn Mayan Drum Kit? Had anyone heard anything about this?

    I'd never heard of it, it's not on Mapex's website, maybe it just got released?
  16. jondrumming

    Buying time! Well, very soon in any case, but these decisions are driving me CRAZY!

    Okay so buying time is almost here, and I have revamped my views on purchasing. Not size-wise, but more quality-wise. I've narrowed it down to the following options: Tama Starclassic B/B Pearl Masters MCX Mapex Saturn The configuration I am pretty much set on is 8x7 10x8 12x9 14x14 16x16...
  17. jondrumming

    Mapex Meridian Maple VS Mapex Saturn?

    I may surprise some of you with this, but I have actually almost indefinitely decided on Mapex, I am just impressed overall with the quality of their products. I have also decided on ONE bass drum. I took all of your advice, and I'm going single with double pedal. I am wondering though, except...
  18. jondrumming

    Would a Demon Drive or Trick Drive Shaft/Linkage work on an Iron Cobra?

    Is it the same fit? Would it make the Iron Cobra double feel like two singles? And I know Trick probably won't, but since the Demon Drive's parts are so readily available, how much would they sell the drive shaft for?
  19. jondrumming

    I was thinking...

    ...About the two bass drums/double pedal argument. The biggest two arguments seem to be: a) The slave pedal in an average double pedal creates an unbalanced feel, thus hindering your overall performance. b) The speed of the air moving around inside the single bass drum can choke the head...
  20. jondrumming

    Pacific Platinum OR Ludwig Centennial?

    The prices are roughly the same(ish), and one of the big questions I have is: are either lines of drums made of North American Maple? I believe both advertise as 100% Maple, but they don't specify... I think the Centennial line is relatively new, right? I don't know anyone who has one, have...