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    need cases for mapex m birch (mapex cases? or protection racket)

    Hey, I own a Mapex M birch, and I would like to buy some cases to transport them in (soft preferably). I've read some topics about some saturn drums not fitting perfectly in protection racket bags. Is this the same with M birch? (not fitting perfectly, and also quite expensive) Otherwise I...
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    What cymbals match the sound of PAISTE COLOR SOUND 5

    Hey, I have a 16" color sound 5 crash, and I was wondering what cymbal sets match that sound. I would like a splash (10") and another crash (14"/16"). Any type that fit's that sound. For britpop kinda music, so no metal stuff (like paiste black alpha) Jin
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    double bass drum pedals

    Hey, I would like to buy a drum pedal that could fit my budget (....-€250), but the problem is, I'm left-handed (lol almost sounds like a handicap ^^) I've been looking around and noticed that there aren't that much cheap pedals. A few I found (on thomann's website) are these: €160 MAPEX P380LA...
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    Hi-Hats: Anatolian Baris or Orion Viziuss?

    Hey, I'm new to this forum, and I've already read some interesting stuff. But I'm not that familiar with cymbals, and now I own a pre-used hi-hat (no brand on it) and they realy suck. So I asked my drum teacher for a hi-hat set (he sells drum stuff) and he brought me 2 sets. 1) The Orion Viziuss...