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    Jazz - Keith Jarrett Standards II - Love letters

    Aaaw, good one - new to me, thanks for posting! I remember when the Standards Vol.1 album came out - it turned a LOT of heads, and I listened to hardly anything else for months. To this day, their version of "God Bless The Child" remains one of my favorite recordings of all time. Jack is my...
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    Al Jackson Jr 18" Ride

    20" Zildjian A Crash Ride or Avedis should get you close enough IMHO.
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    Before the Pandemic I owned Zero Meinl cymbals

    That is true - here in Europe the price difference is not that huge, but still substantial. (Unless you get as lucky as I did - got a bunch of Masters and 602s on sale for almost 50% off.) And if you want dark and dry, Meinl is the way to go.
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    Before the Pandemic I owned Zero Meinl cymbals

    Your experience? Or your observation? There´s a difference, you know. :) I for one have never experienced cracking a Paiste (or any other cymbal, for that matter). IMHO it´s a myth that Paistes crack easier than other makes. Anyway - those Meinls are nice indeed. 😀
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    Help Vintage MIJ Tama Snare Throwoff!!

    Tama makes one to fit their current strainers.
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    snare throw off problem

    I´m not really a fan of that strainer either but I had it on a couple of snares, and it usually works well. Only one acted up in a similar way - took it off, cleaned it, lubed it, now it´s as good as new. Never found out what the problem was. I did eventually replace it with my favourite...
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    Erm ---

    Thanks for the laugh! :)
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    Cymbal pack dilemma

    Absolutely. I have the Performance set (15, 19, 22), and for 858 € (Thomann) it not only is a steal but also blows the Ks out of the water, IMHO of course. (I have owned the 15" K Lights, 18" Sweet crash and 22" Light Ride - really pretty cymbals but to me the HHX Complex are on another level.)...
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    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    Benny Greb claims his VF sig stick does exactly that. Other than that, maple sticks. Maybe the VF MJC4.
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    Help ID'ing Paiste Ride Cymbal

    Hollow logo = Formula 602 Classic, so it´s got to be a Medium Ride. No other models in that size available in 2015.
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    HH Clutch Treads Rubbing On Cymbal

    This. I did that on the Yamaha clutch I use once a week in our rehearsal room, and the tape holds up perfectly. For the Yamaha stand I use every day I invested in a new non-threaded clutch - the Sonor 200 series is dirt cheap, is 6 mm like the Yamaha rod and works like a charm. If you are OCD...
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    Cymbal identification

    No. Probably made in China.
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    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    In reality, you can buy pairs that are a whopping 20 grams apart. I have VF 85As ranging from 89g to 109g a pair. The pairs themselves are perfectly matched but I found the overal difference in weight astonishing. These days I play Vater 7A Manhattan sticks. Mine range from 92g to 106g a pair...
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    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    I can vouch for the cheap Pearl Sensitone. Great drum, very sensitive indeed, great sound. Can´t go wrong for 130 bucks new. The Ludwig Supralite is very nice as well. Gretsch Brooklyn COS - killer drum!
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    Cymbal Set?

    Since nobody mentioned them - if you buy new, the best value for money on the market right now IMHO are the Istanbul Agop Xist cymbals.
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    Stratus - bass player's nightmare?

    That is a very good question! I play bass as well, and that tune is really taxing to play. You need a lot of stamina and concentration to pull off the countless repetitions. Nothing more embarrassing than butchering a simple three-note-lick! :)
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    Who actually bought this?

    I´m actually old enough to remember that ad. And to remember thinking: "You can keep that hideous contraption all to yourself. And your outfit. And especially your band." Actually, this ad could very well be responsible for me never ever having GAS for anything Ludwig.
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    What are considered "cheap" cymbals?

    It´s actually B15. You can see Sigs have a more yellowish tint than the Zildjian S.
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    Dannie Richmond ,,A Good Drummer,, !!

    Great musician! One of the unsung heroes. Yep, he originally played sax, took up drums at age 20 and was recruited by Mingus after playing drums for only half a year. Saw him live with his quintet in the early 80s, very inspiring. I felt he had a very personal sound - somehow dry and woody...
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    HHX Complex

    These are warm and lush sounding cymbals. If the music leaves enough space, they will work wonderfully. If you need to cut through loud guitars or keyboards there are better options. Like - R.E.M.: yes. Muse: probably. Slayer: No. :)