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  1. joshvibert

    Cody Carnes - The Cross Has the Final Word

    The tom part on the bridge was a little tricky to figure out, so I slowed down the video on Youtube and transcribed it. This is me playing along to the song with a brief explanation/slowed-down tutorial of the tom part at the end. The audio and video is just my iPhone 7. Sounds not too bad...
  2. joshvibert


    Rapcore: A dead genre? So growing up in the 90's, I really fell in love with Rapcore (at least, that's what we called it. I think some folks call it Numetal now). Rage Against the Machine is the best example. POD's Brown Album did a pretty good job. Project 86 and Blindside were other...
  3. joshvibert

    New kit day: DW Frequent Flyer, Tobacco Burst.

    Recently I made a change in the kit at my church. My wife delivered our third child which provided me with an opportunity to listen to the kit from the audience perspective. I was not thrilled with what I heard. The kit was an MCX in Black Sparkle Fade in sizes 9x12, 16x16, and 18x22 with a...
  4. joshvibert

    Least cost way to record drums for youtube stuff?

    I guess I'm you're typical mid-30's guy, a job, a wife, 3 kids, a dog. Not much time for drums and certainly not time to be in a band and gigging. On top of that, I play weekly services for our church (contemporary praise band ala Bethel) that includes a Thursday night 7-9 rehearsal and an...
  5. joshvibert

    New to double pedals...keeping the slave pedal in-place.

    Hey guys, I just last Friday got my first set of double pedals after playing a single for 20 years. I got a secondhand set of Yamahas and they feel really good and have the features I wanted. Where I’m struggling is with movement on the slave (left side, I’m right-handed) pedal. I have the...
  6. joshvibert

    Tablet as a music stand?

    Anyone using a tablet as a setlist/music stand? The setlist concept would be pretty easy, but the songbook thing might be a little more complex. A couple of the guys I play with at church use an ipad and I think it looks really slick. In fact, the guitar player even has a pedalboard that...
  7. joshvibert

    Semi-OCD thread: Yamaha pedal help

    I hope you guys will humor me and my OCD tendencies with another topic: I own and enjoy using the relatively lightweight Yamaha 700 series hardware. This is coming from having been a die-hard DW 5000 and 9000 user; the weight just became more that I was willing to put up with. My hi-hat stand...
  8. joshvibert

    Yamaha Flying Dragon Pedal Help

    Hey guys, so I've been a single pedal player my whole life and am pretty quick if I do say so myself. Anyway, I'd like to start dabbling in double bass I think. Last year I found a good deal on a used Yamaha Flying Dragon pedal and when I received it (Guitar Center used) I found that it was...
  9. joshvibert

    DW Collector's fine tuning/setup help

    Hey guys, so my new DW Collector's kit arrived last night and I'm very excited. As it was a NOS kit, there are some things it came with and others it didn't. Coming from Pearl, there are some things that are different that I'd like some help/ideas with so I don't have to reinvent the wheel: -...
  10. joshvibert

    New DW Kit, worth it?

    So I have my nice Pearl Masters kit for sale and am hoping to replace it with some DW Collector's. I prefer the lower/deeper DW sound and frankly, really just like the whole brand. I was shopping used DW kits and found what I think is a pretty amazing deal on a brand new set in the EXACT sizes...
  11. joshvibert

    Anyone close to Lemoor, CA? Need help getting a kit.

    Hey guys, I've got a line on a nice used set of deedubs located in Lemoor, CA. Is anyone close enough that you'd be willing to grab these, box up and get shipped? I would be willing to throw you some change for your help. Seller is telling me UPS store told him $600 to ship. I've shipped...
  12. joshvibert

    Timeless wrap finishes.

    Hey guys, I'm looking at new kits and as much as I think lacquer kits are beautiful, I really appreciate not worrying as much about a wrap finish when I'm playing out. Hence, part of my decision to move my Wine Red Masters kit. The finish is just too pretty to risk messing up. I've got this...
  13. joshvibert

    Pearl Masters to DW Collectors?

    I have a beautiful and very versatile set of drums. The base kit is as follows: 8x10 rack 9x12 rack 14x14 floor 16x16 floor 16x20 kick, virgin 5.5x14 matching snare. These are all the Masters MRX 6-ply maple drums in beautiful #100 Wine Red finish. The rack toms wear the upgraded...
  14. joshvibert

    I love sweet new hardware.

    I love it even better when it's cheap! Typically I try to buy all my gear used, but I've been struggling to find just what I wanted on the used market. What I was looking for was a couple of the lightweight single-braced Yamaha straight cymbal stands. Yamaha discontinued them a couple years ago...
  15. joshvibert

    Need some bass pedal help...Yamaha

    As some of you know, I use, enjoy, prefer Yamaha 700 series hardware for its light weight and high value/cost ratio. I came from DW 5000 series stuff and the pedal speed is where I noticed the most difference. The one I'm using is the FP7210 pictured here: I love how light and quick this...
  16. joshvibert

    Coming back around...kits inside

    I've been absent from this board for awhile, but seasons have changed and I should be here for awhile now. I figured I'd re-introduce myself with some pics of my kits. First up is my Pearl SRX Session Custom Maple in Carbon Mist. 8x10 9x12 11x14 13x16 18x22 The 14" and 16" toms were hanging...
  17. joshvibert

    My first REAL drumming video

    I finally got up the nerve to record some of my playing. This is an entrance into the competition. Hope you enjoy it, and if you REALLY enjoy it, maybe click the link in the description and vote.
  18. joshvibert a profession.

    Like all of you I'm sure (after all, we're on a drum forum) I love drums. I love playing them, and I love working on them. I've lived in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area my entire life and have always dreamed of moving to Nashville and either being a studio musician or, better yet...
  19. joshvibert

    Snare head...CS dot versus Perimeter muffling

    Can someone please describe for me the differences and how they work between something like a CS Dot, which has material added to the underside of the center of the head vs a PS3, which has material added to the underside of the perimeter of the head? Let's assume both are coated. Thanks!
  20. joshvibert

    Kit re-arrange/sell advice requested

    Hey guys, this thread is about my church's drumset. I'm perfectly happy with my personal kits!:D So here's the deal, a couple years ago I helped the church find a kit on their $500 budget. We got a used Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau in Matte Black. It included hardware, some cheap...