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  1. IBitePrettyHard

    What’s the best snare drum under $250?

    The Ludwig Supralite is the best sounding snare for under $250 IMHO. In fact I think it sounds better than most $800 snares. I have the 14x6.5" version and I love it. The Pearl Modern Utility snares don't sound bad, but they don't sound great either. They sound "meh" to my ears. The Yamaha...
  2. IBitePrettyHard

    The Most Prestigious Drum Brands Game

    The Honda Fit is like the Stage Custom Hip. Ultra compact. The regular Stage Custom is more like the Toyota Corolla of the drum world. Refined, budget friendly, dependable.
  3. IBitePrettyHard

    The Most Prestigious Drum Brands Game

    I've said this before: Mapex is the Hyundai of the drum industry. They were considered to be a lesser brand for years, but have since become one of the most dependable brands. The stigma still lingers for some, but it's disappearing due to their quality over the past 15 years or so.
  4. IBitePrettyHard


    My first kit was a beat up Export from the early 80s. I had so many gripes with it that I have this lingering stigma against even the modern Exports. It's probably not warranted, but I just can't shake it. I still have nightmares about those tom arms jutting through the shell and being...
  5. IBitePrettyHard

    The Most Prestigious Drum Brands Game

    A&F Drums. Cool as hell. But not very practical. *runs*
  6. IBitePrettyHard

    Help me identify this vintage Ludwig set I am trying to sell!

    According to, it's possible to have a Standard with Classic lugs. I didn't know this either. "Despite the complete re-work and design, some Standard sets do turn up with Classic lugs, believed to be built when Standard parts were in short supply, and the line continued up to...
  7. IBitePrettyHard

    Help me also identify this vintage Ludwig sparkle snare drum! :)

    That snare has a Ludwig "Transition" badge from 1958-1959, or possibly the early 60s. The P85 throwoff was added later, because it didn't exist back then. The black face version of the P85 is from the late 70s to early 80s. The shell had to be drilled to accommodate the new spacing for the...
  8. IBitePrettyHard

    Help me identify this vintage Ludwig set I am trying to sell!

    Nah, I'm pretty sure the sizes are 12/13/16/22. Are you a drummer yourself? How do they sound? Inspect them closely for any cracks in the wrap, or any problems with the bearing edge. Check for rust or pitting on the metal hardware, and see if all the mufflers work. Take pictures of any...
  9. IBitePrettyHard


    I will add to the chorus of people saying to choose the Session Studio Select. The Masters series used to be cool before it got demoted.
  10. IBitePrettyHard

    Help me identify this vintage Ludwig set I am trying to sell!

    This appears to be from approx 1977, judging from the serial number, the simple nuts (instead of wing nuts) on the tom brackets, and the pointed badges. It's in very good shape from what I can tell. The wrap has yellowed somewhat, but it's not too bad and the hardware looks to be in great...
  11. IBitePrettyHard

    Bronze Snare Recommendations

    Can't wait. Those mics will make them sound great! Just make sure you don't do any close miking. :)
  12. IBitePrettyHard

    DW Design Series...Good Deal?

    I can't quite put my finger on it, but the AQ2 Series doesn't sound quite as good as other drums in the same category. They give off a slight Poplar vibe to me, I guess? They don't sound bad, and I don't expect everyone will agree with me, but they kinda sound...I dunno...cheaper somehow...
  13. IBitePrettyHard

    Bronze Snare Recommendations

    You'll soon have 3 bell brass snares at your disposal?? (Gretsch Bell Brass, A&F Raw Brass, and the custom Duluth) Would love to see a demo video once you have them all dialed in!
  14. IBitePrettyHard

    Research Survey - Snare Drum Project

    I took the survey, although I would change my answer on the Figure 1 vs Figure 2 question. I didn't know exactly what it was asking, which method we prefered? Anyway, I answered Figure 1...but that was before I realized you were asking in regard to a drag or ruff, I guess? Anyway, if you're...
  15. IBitePrettyHard

    Yamaha 100th anniversaty.. worth pursuing?

    That is a fantastic kit for sure. It's a shame the toms are so deep though. That would be a dealbreaker for me. Only 10 were made??
  16. IBitePrettyHard

    Question or DW 1999 set....

    You won't be able to completely match the specs. The shell composition has probably changed, and they probably have a different way of manufacturing the shell these days. Different molds, different glue, etc. It could also be difficult to match the wrap perfectly. Maybe DW still carries it...
  17. IBitePrettyHard

    DW Design Series...Good Deal?

    Having played the Design Series drums at Guitar Center I can tell you the build quality is impressive and they sound great. The factories in Taiwan are knocking it out of the park. I can't imagine why they'd get mixed reviews. I've been very critical of DW's high prices on their Performance...
  18. IBitePrettyHard

    Bop & cafe kits

    The Breakbeats kit used to be the best budget mini kit back in 2014 when I bought mine. I still like it and still use it from time to time. (minus the snare). But it seems the Breakbeats kit has been surpassed by the competition in the past 5 years or so. Nowadays I would recommend the...
  19. IBitePrettyHard

    My New Sonor SQ1 Drum Kit with Benny Greb 2.0 Snare

    The SQ1 was the kit I wanted back in 2018 when I was shopping for a kit, but I had to lower my budget and got a Gretsch Renown instead. I love the Renown, but I reallyyyy want an SQ1. That green color and those bass hoops are gorgeous. And that Benny Greb snare is one of the best sounding...
  20. IBitePrettyHard

    What got you HOOKED on drums?

    For me it was in 1988 (when I was 10) and I saw the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton Virginia. It blew my mind. It looked pretty much like this. It's seared into my brain, I had never seen anything as badass as that before, the hairs on the back of my neck...