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    Flippin' dog ate my...

    Obviously a case of mistaken identity. Your pooch thought it was a manual for a Ludwig P85 Snare.
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    Legend was a top-tier brand launched back in the late eighties by Kaman Music Corp. These included a range of snare drums including thin maple shells, brass shells, phosphor bronze shells and a thick 20-ply maple shell. John Roderick masterminded the new drum line and Joe Montineri was the...
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    Blaemire mystery

    Contact the crew at Jenkins-Martin Drums. Provide them with photos and details.
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    Yolanda Charles MBE!

    Very well deserved. Congratulations to Yolanda.
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    Bronze Snare Recommendations

    5mm cast bronze shell? I hope your new snare comes with a roadie! Seriously, congrats on getting exactly what you wanted. Please post pictures and a review.
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    What are the first 3 memorable rock concerts you attended?

    1977 Maynard Ferguson Band at UNT (Denton, TX). Peter Erskine on Drums. 1980 Jackson Browne at Frank Erwin Center (Austin, TX). Running On Empty Tour featuring The Section, Russ Kunkel on drums. 1983 Rush at Reunion Arena (Dallas, TX). Signals Tour.
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    Eddie Van Halen Dies

    Just saw that. A true legend. Godspeed.
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    Are you still playing the same brand drums as your first real set?

    Started with a Yamaha kit and stuck with Yamaha kits. Started with Yamaha hardware but switched to DW. Started with Zildjian A's, tried pretty every major brand cymbal over five decades, but ultimately landed with Istanbul Agop cymbals.
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    Bronze Snare Recommendations

    Honestly I've never been able to locate the specs on the Legend bronze drums. My snare has a thick, seamless phosphor bronze shell. Just for the sake of comparison my fully assembled 4" X 14" snare weighs in at 8.4 pounds. Joe Montineri and John Roderick headed up the Legend series under...
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    Bronze Snare Recommendations

    I failed to mention the Legend Phosphor Bronze Snare drum (currently discontinued) if you can find a used one. I prefer the sound of the 4" X 14" Phosphor Bronze Legend over the 6-1/2 deep model. Killer snare drum that is a well kept secret.
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    Bronze Snare Recommendations

    I'm a big fan of bronze snare drums and I spent a good share of time checking out a number of bronze snare drums. I ultimately went with the 6.5" X 14" Joyful Noise Beacon Bronze and couldn't be happier.
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    Drums and the Significant Other

    My wife has been extremely supportive and gracious over the years. I'm very fortunate. But family always comes first and we both have had to sacrifice at times over the years . . . and drums were typically the first to go in lieu of other options. I've been supportive of her endeavors as...
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    What about Birch? Who make the best birch kits?

    Another vote for Yamaha Recording Customs.
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    Why does my 1990s Yamaha Recording Custom 8x8 YESS tom have a 1980s serial #?

    Agreed. Likely it was New Old Stock.
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    The Time I Met Alice Cooper

    A brief story about Alice and his wife, Sheryl, visiting Sheryl's parents in Northern California. Her parents pastored a small church that my parents had just started attending. One Sunday morning there was a hubbub in the church auditorium. My parents asked what was going on and one of the...
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    I’m going to ask

    Beatles. Hands down.
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    Two 18” Crashes

    I have several Istanbul Agop 18" crashes (Traditional Dark, Signature and OM) that on specific occasions get used together. It really depends on the situation. But I normally gravitate towards using an 18"/19" crash set up or a 19"/20". Nothing is fixed in my setup, I like to rotate things in...
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    Most smoothest / darkest / quietest Hi-Hats you have played?

    Smoothest: Istanbul Agop Epoch 14" Darkest: Istanbul Agop Turk 16" Quietest: Paiste 602 13" Favorite Overall: Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 15"
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    Anyone have experience with a 24x16 bass drum

    I have a Yamaha Recording Custom 16" X 24". My preference would have been to purchase a 14" depth but the Yamaha factory was sold out in every size bass drum having a 14" depth. The extra 2" difference in depth for me after playing it is negligible from that of a 14". The 16" depth actually...