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  1. Skulmoski

    Favorite Halloween Band

    Who is your favorite Halloween band? Mine is the Cramps. GJS
  2. Skulmoski

    Weird Al in the News

    Mia Farrow: ‘It’s Possible My Son Was Fathered By Frank Sinatra, Mario Puzo, George McGovern, Robert Altman, Anthony Perkins, Milton Berle, Robert Redford, Michael Caine, Danny Aiello, Or Bruce Dern’ ‘Or Maybe Francis Ford Coppola, John Cassavetes, Tony Curtis, Dustin Hoffman, Quincy Jones...
  3. Skulmoski

    Tibetan Cymbals and Gongs

    Last January I visited Nepal. At Boudhanath (in Kathmandu) I saw lots of Tibetan cymbals and gongs for sale. Unfortunately, I did not have time to tap them to hear how they sounded. However, I will be returning next week to Nepal and will try to give them a listen. Does anyone here have some of...
  4. Skulmoski

    Richie Hayward Tribute

    Late last night I was watching videos of Richie Hayward and Little Feat. One of the videos that I came upon was a tribute drum solo based on his Time Loves a Hero groove (one of my favorites!) Marco Minnemann does not get started until about 2:50 so either be patient or skip ahead - it is pretty...
  5. Skulmoski

    One of the best rides in the world

    Just heard this 22" Spizzichino and it just might be the best ride cymbal I have ever heard!
  6. Skulmoski

    First Concert

    Justin Beiber is coming to Dubai and I am taking my 8 year old daughter and her friend. Both are big fans. While my daughter grew up at folk music festivals (Regina, Calgary, Canmore and Winnipeg), this will be her first concert. My first concert was Nazareth in 1973 and I went by myself; my...
  7. Skulmoski

    Mackie SRM350v2 Monitors

    Anyone using the Mackie SRM350v2 powered monitors?I looking for a play-back application in my drum room. I can find these at a very inflated price in Abu Dhabi. I welcome your reviews and suggestions. And thanks in advance. GJS
  8. Skulmoski

    Jeff Hamilton

    I just love watching Jeff's style. One cool video is Apple Honey: I like how he switches from brushes (1:18) to sticks in a really relaxed way. During which he strikes the snare with his hands (1:23). Digging his playing ... GJS
  9. Skulmoski

    Neighbour problems

    My neighbour came by late last night (1:44 am) and was banging on my door. Luckily I was awake and playing my drums. GJS
  10. Skulmoski

    Happy Birthday Chad Smith!

    So now that you have turned 50, maybe you can turn your hat around or even get one that is age appropriate?? :-) All the best and thanks for the great grooves. Wishing you another 50+ years! GJS
  11. Skulmoski

    Vintage Drum Photos

    Any vintage drum fans here? Post your photos. GHS
  12. Skulmoski

    Gretsch Delayed Delivery

    I was just informed that the Gretsch USA Custom workshop is about 6-8 weeks behind schedule. In July, I ordered a 16" floor tom to get a one-up-two-down set up. So why are they behind? A few scenarios immediately come to mind: 1) Quality problems requiring rework. (I don't think this is the...
  13. Skulmoski

    Steve Roden Book

    I was looking at Steve Roden's "I Listen to the Wind That Obliterates My Traces" and found some interesting photos. GJS
  14. Skulmoski

    Gretsch USA Custom Savanah Sunset

    Just in ... my new Gretsch USA Customs in Savanah Sunset (5.5x14, 8x12, 14x14 and 14x20) from Maxwell Drums in New York. What can I say other than they sound fantastic. GJS
  15. Skulmoski

    Dublin Drum Shop

    Can you recommend a very good drum shop in Dublin? I will be traveling and would like to pick up a few things I can't get in Abu Dhabi. Thanks GJS
  16. Skulmoski

    18" Bettis Hi Hats

    Well here is something you don't see/hear every day! Matt Bettis has made a matched set of 18" hi hats: GJS
  17. Skulmoski

    Gretsch 2011 Renown - sneak peak!

    Steve Maxwell has info about the Gretsch 2011 Renown: "This is a special edition Renown series kit designed after a classic 57 Chevy in baby blue with white. The chevron arch with the white insert is reminiscent of the great 57 Chevy fins. This is an absolutely stunning set. 20 lug snare too. I...
  18. Skulmoski

    Phil Collins Humour

    Phil Colins was asked about retiring due to nerve damage in his left hand. He answered: "It doesn't bother me that I can't play drums anymore. It bothers me more that it takes twice as long to get dressed." Phil, I might...
  19. Skulmoski

    New Drummer Fills In For The Muppets

    Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has signed up to join the cast of the upcoming Muppets movie. Dave Grohl will make a cameo appearance, taking Animal's place in his band when the drum-crazy muppet is ordered to attend anger-management classes...
  20. Skulmoski

    Black Beauty and Acoustic Settings

    Lot's of folks use the Black Beauty for rock and roll but how common is this drum in more quiet settings (e.g. jazz or acoustic gigs)? I'm thinking about getting the 14 x 5 Hammered Black Beauty Supra-Phonic Snare Drum (LB416KT) with a Dunnett R4-L throwoff. I can't find this drum in any stores...