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  1. RICHY-18

    has this happened to any of you???

    i was playing a gig tonight! whilst i was mid way through a song my finger's skin split open!! kinda of like a blister, but it wasnt a blister.. most pain i have been in for ages... very weird has this happend to anyone else???
  2. RICHY-18

    Whats your Preference??

    Drilled bass drum or undrillied bass drum!!! when i bought my kit i was very keen on not having drilled bass drums!!!!
  3. RICHY-18

    Looking for a new influence in music...

    hey can anyone suggest any music... everything but metal funk jazz pop anything...:)
  4. RICHY-18

    Tama Superstar.............

    At the mo i play a tama starclassic. but its to big to cart around.. i want something not too exspensive to cart around.. i was looking at the Tama Superstar ?? in (Blue metallic Fade) anyone got one or played them?? does anyone know any good simialr kits:)??? be very greatfull for your...
  5. RICHY-18

    Looking For.....

    at the miniute i have a tama starclassic kitwith 2 bass drums. because i am giging quite alot and just about to go off to university, i need a smaller kit to cart around, in order to keep my other kit set up. Can anyone suggest and good brands models. looking for eye catching birch...
  6. RICHY-18

    Reading & Leeds Festival!!!

    Did anyone go!!! Tenacious D were brill. and Metallica keep getting better everytime i see them:)
  7. RICHY-18

    Got a bit of a problem- Richy-18

    i spent a long time tuning my trums the other da and was really happy with them, but when i clicked the snare back on i found the 12" tom tom was triggering My Snare. any advice?????
  8. RICHY-18

    Is this cheating?

    if you increase the spring tension on your bass drum pedal alot, would you class it as cheating or a technique ? some one asked me today i didnt know what to say? i said i don't know. 1. no because its just a pedal its meant to spring back 2. yes because you have a stupid amount of spring on...
  9. RICHY-18

    Hey I am New To This Any one help? I need microphones.

    Hey My name is Richard i am from Wales in the Uk I play a Tama Starclassic Performer BBFX (Bubinga + Birch) the colour is white silk My Set up 22"bass drum x 2 10" tom 12" tom 14" tom 16" floor tom i use Tama hardware and Iorn Cobra Pedals i also use Sabian Cymbals AAX