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  1. WaitForItDrummer

    St Thomas (latin jazz standard) and drum solo

    Right! Somewhat reluctantly posting this... as this was my first ever completely improvised solo in public (from about 2:20). Feel reasonably OK about it, considering this is after 4 years of drumming - Probably could have done more with accents and dynamics and...
  2. WaitForItDrummer

    Cymbal Storage and Display DIY

    Hi everyone, So wanted a low cost, space saving way to display and store cymbals... and did not want to drill 20+ holes in the walls. Came up with this - bits from Wickes (like Home Depot). Hope you like it.
  3. WaitForItDrummer

    Trinity College London Grade 5 solo vid

    Hi all, So here is a Trinity College London Grade 5 solo Still work in progress and lots of technical things to sort, but very pleased I can play this after 2 and a half years of drumming (practicing a lot!) Enjoy :) Kate
  4. WaitForItDrummer

    Advice on marching snare drums ergonomics, carriers, technique

    Hi guys, So I'm getting into marching snare playing and need advice from anyone experienced. It's actually joining a samba Bateria on snare. I've been to to first session with my Ludwig Acro and they let me borrow a strap. Had a Blast! :D But not sure about the comfort/ergonomics of carrying...
  5. WaitForItDrummer

    Prima Ballerina by NotTheNorth Band

    Hi guys, So we have another NotTheNorthBand creation out! A bit of Latin flavored rock for ya... Check it out on SoundCloud: Any (friendly) comments welcome - hope you enjoy :) Kate
  6. WaitForItDrummer

    Not the North band: Route 120

    Hi guys, Here is Route120, an original blues song from one of my bands: Not The North Enjoy :)
  7. WaitForItDrummer

    How did drumming change your body?

    Right! So after about 2 years of practicing a lot (about 2 h a day, 1400 hours in total) + playing about 4 h a week, there has been a few subtle physical changes i observed... Which makes me wonder what happens after playing for 5-10-20-30 years? My wrists got bigger / thicker - wouldn't have...
  8. WaitForItDrummer

    The Chicken - after a load of practice

    Hi everyone, So had a go at recording Pee Wee Ellis' The Chicken, a Trinity College London Grade 4 piece. Backing track from Trinity.. It was a very challenging piece to learn - and still much room for improvement! In perspective, been drumming for 2 years, lessons for 18 months... Lots and...
  9. WaitForItDrummer

    Sonor kit 1962 - help id a piece of kit

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know what the tall cylindrical thing is behind the HH stand? Conga? Conga case? Thanks! WFID
  10. WaitForItDrummer

    Steve Gadd at Ronnie Scott's, London last night

    Hi all, So just saw Steve Gadd's band at Ronnie's last night... What an amazing show that was! Wonderful time, sound, feel... Wow. Well deserved standing ovation - it's great to see excellent music appreciated. Was anyone else there? What did you think? Kate
  11. WaitForItDrummer

    Things guitarist tell drummers to do...

    So I don't mean to pick on guitarist... (Ok maybe a little :) So the guitarist in one of my bands goes like: "Why don't we record drums one drum at a time... You know, you first play the only snare part of the whole song, then only the bass drum part of the whole song..." Erm... Why don't we...
  12. WaitForItDrummer

    How to stop playing slightly ahead of the beat?

    Hi guys, So here is a problem I'm having: I seem to be playing slightly ahead of the beat on stuff that's fast or unfamiliar. Which does not sound great... I understand I should try to be on the beat or slightly behind. For example, I can hear it when I play with a metronome. Or I can 'see' it...
  13. WaitForItDrummer

    Finding quality drum charts (transcriptions) of jazz standards

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some quality drum charts (transcriptions) of jazz standards. E.g. All blues, Footprints, Impressions... Etc..., And ideally another few dozen.. Don't ming paying for good quality charts. Does anyone know a good source / website or book for these? What I have tried...
  14. WaitForItDrummer

    Tips on promoting a (charity) gig - Queens of Noise at the Crypt, London

    Hi folks, Been away for a while, lots going on with various projects, Grade 3 Trinity College London drum exams passed :), new fusion project stating up (yeay), been going to regular jazz jams, (+full time job...) But! Wonder if I could pick your brains about how to promote a charity gig? So...
  15. WaitForItDrummer

    London Drum Show 21-22 Nov - Who's going?

    Last year was a load of fun. Can't wait! Peter Erskine and Anika Niles announced so far.
  16. WaitForItDrummer

    London Drumshow 2014 pictures!

    I had an awesome time and it was great to meat Madge, Andy, David, Liam and Oli, Michelle - as well as Eric Harland, Mike Dolbear, Todd Sucherman and Emily Dolan Dickinson ... And others! Such an awesome time! :D I'll aim to upload more pictures tomorrow - here are a few for now! Michele...
  17. WaitForItDrummer

    Happy Holloween guys! Witch Magic Wizzard Magic...

    Hi guys, So we have created this arrangement for a Holloween Atrs Coven Project - The drumming is actually really simple; it was more about creating a feel and an ambiance... And this is the first composition / arrangement I've ever create so it was good fun...
  18. WaitForItDrummer

    After 6 months of lessons...

    OK, so first ever post of my playing - It's a drums only funk rock piece from my course. I know it's not brilliant but considering I only started taking lessons six months ago, and 8 months ago i did not know what a rudiment was, I feel like it's reasonable 'work in progress'...
  19. WaitForItDrummer

    Jazz ride pattern - looking for good advanced technique videos on YouTube

    Hi guys, could those of you who are jazz drummers point me to some good advanced level technique videos for the basic jazz ride pattern on YouTube? Basically, I can play it at a beginner level, but it's not quite right. My instructor tells me that I play it as a 6 note pattern, instead of as a...
  20. WaitForItDrummer

    Rhythm section practice – a good way to improve the band’s time

    ‘SO’, there have been some issues / discussions in the band I’m in about tempo and time for our songs (originals): are we playing them too slow or too fast, who is speeding up where, etc… that sort of thing. Also, it seemed to me that the band’s time and coherence...