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  1. GeoB

    Ginger Baker undergoes Heart Surgery

    In case you haven't heard. At age 76 Ginger is under the knife for a major heart procedure.
  2. GeoB

    Ask any drummer one question

    If you could ask any drummer just one question: Who would that drummer be, and what would be the question?
  3. GeoB

    Looking for solar or wind powered E-kit

    Hi! I'm looking to play an e-kit outside when camping, at the beach or whatever and I am looking to make an e-kit into a solar powered or wind powered. That way I can play in the great out-of-doors and nobody will notice and without any trees being harmed in any way. Perhaps a camo model so...
  4. GeoB

    Andriod probs

    My "smartphone" started acting stupid. It's a ZTE Z796C (which may be the problem). The OS is Jelly Bean. I can wifi I can call I can text But for some unknown reason I can't get on the mobile network. I am really savvy on how setup works etc... I rebooted, I factory reset, I took the batt...
  5. GeoB

    Tipping the Band

    We all know about the gate percentages, the jar, the wanton fan who buys a round etc... Anybody seen this new idea? Which I think is overdue.
  6. GeoB

    Rolling Stone Does it Again - 100 Greatest Drummers Of All Time

    Greatest Drummer Of All Time!!!! Ranked how? Sheer talent, right place and the right time, record sales, or a combination thereof?
  7. GeoB

    Blaze Starr passes at 83

    But in the days of her storied past....
  8. GeoB

    Living Room addition
  9. GeoB

    I have a Dilemma

    Hey everybody. Please help. My sister sent me an email the other day with this link and said "love this song, especially this drum beat" I responded "who knew?" thinking it was a joke.... Then a response of "seriously, what do you think?" I was over at her...
  10. GeoB

    Zildjian Stamps

    Avedis Zildjian Vintage 22" Crash Ride 2565 grams, 1960's on eBay I would love to buy this BUT... I picked up 2 18" 3-dot crashes recently and I don't think this would fly... besides I have a nice 3-dot 20" ride already. What I...
  11. GeoB

    Bakers 1st release in 16 years

    Why? Check out the conga player... Old school pegged up hide drums. Interesting. And Baker is using two basses of differing sizes, which according to him has been the case for a while now. Of course they...