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  1. marko138

    Sabian RULES!

    Man, can't say enough good things about this cymbal company. I contacted them back in April about a very small crack that formed on my 6 year old AAX china cymbal. Obviously at that age is well past it's factory warranty. Well their customer service dept emailed me back within an hour and...
  2. marko138

    Studio video

    Hey guys. I haven't posted much of my playing around here so I figured I would share this with you guys. I play in a heavy southern metal band. We recorded 2 "demos" over the years at our practice space but finally made our first trip to a real studio back in November. It was my first...
  3. marko138

    My Starclassic kit

    Hey guys. I'm new here. From the Harrisburg PA area. Play southern metal. This is my Tama Starclassic birch kit. It's a 6 piece but I play it either 1 up 2 down or 1 up 1 down. From the studio a couple weeks ago: Better look at the wrap (charcoal silk): And the 13x6.5 Artwood maple...