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    restoration attempt

    This morning I was able to dismantle the leg apparatus and expose the holes to see what I'm dealing with. The right hole/damage appears to be more severe. I noticed that the 2 Philips head screws on either side of the leg mounts did nothing. This indicates to me that a modification was done to...
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    Restoration Attempt

    Well, I'm committed. Approaching this project with some trepedation as I know very little about drums and drumming. Thanks to others on this site, I was able to identify, date (maybe) and decide to try to get this old kit together for my Grandaughter. Started this morning and immediatly had...
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    greetings from a non drummer

    Old guy here trying to help out my diseased friends widow by clearing out her basement. Among the usual crap that people accumulate after 40+ years in the same house, was a drum set. Any way I now have in MY basement what appears to be complete set. There is a base drum with 2 smaller ones...