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  1. Nodiggie

    Forcing self to take a break?

    I'm coming off a year holiday (physical reasons). Taking time off can be refreshing. I tend to get burned out and numb playing with the same groups and music over time. I'm just glad to be back on the kit enjoying this life passion.
  2. Nodiggie

    Look who scored a 80's Birch/Cordia

    Got a call from a friend today. He dumped this 4pc. Birch/Cordia Artstar. 12,14,16,22 With Power Tower. I only had time to clean up the 12. It was in Mint about 10 years ago but the Church let the youth get their hands on it and well, you know the rest of the story. Will need a little work...
  3. Nodiggie

    anyone else have the custom shell builder's blues?

    This past December I ordered another custom steam bent shelled snare. Today is 5 months and a few days and still no snare drum. This is NOT the builder's fault for the delay. The shell Mfg. moved shop just when my snare shell was ordered and everything went south from there. Problems with the...
  4. Nodiggie

    This is too rich for my blood

    Couldn't believe what this sold for. I scored a 65 5x14 for just under 3 bills a few weeks ago. Q. "so what is my snare drum worth?" A. As much as someone is willing to pay for it! WOW!
  5. Nodiggie

    Need a little help from the Ludwig knowledge base here

    I'm looking for a vintage metal snare. I'm not that good at identifying vintage Ludwigs. Check this out and tell me if there is anything not correct about this one...
  6. Nodiggie

    Tuning JPW lesson learned

    This past May I purchased my very first Hybrid kit. Being Birch/Bubinga, I thought I could "get away" with tuning JPW as I have done for years on every kit I have owned and every other Maple kit I've tuned. Besides having bearing edge issues on the 10" tom (not flat), I could never get these...
  7. Nodiggie

    New 2012 gear is looking good.

    New Hex Rack II Mapex Custom Shop with 30 day delivery time! Too much to talk about in the next few weeks. Can't wait till next weekend.
  8. Nodiggie

    Opening an Alienware wish me luck

    Bought a M14X and was listed as having Bluetooth. It did not. So now I'm going to open it up and install the card. If I don't return, you know the outcome of this small adventure.
  9. Nodiggie

    My favorite production snares

    Was waiting for a sunny day to take these photos. Yesterday I installed a Trick throw on the 13" (LH photo). I scored it from a music store a year ago in July $149.00 bucks. I really didn't have the cash but couldn't pass since I had the 6x12 (RH photo) and simply fell in love with the Musashi...
  10. Nodiggie

    Cool Mic & gear cases for cheap

    Been looking for these for some time. Just thought I'd pass the info on. My cousin had a few of these cases and told me he found them at Harbor Freight. $24.99. I ran over and snagged two, one for me and one for my bass player who has this effect pedal fettish, all high-dollar stuff that...
  11. Nodiggie

    I.D. the "mystery" hammer mark on Z series

    For all the "Z" fans here. There was some discussions about the "Z" series going on and it was driving me insane. Have searched for any records, photos etc. on all the different hammer markings and could only I.D. 4 of them. Here is the reply from Zildijian. They haven't identified the 5th mark...
  12. Nodiggie

    My latest recording with The Human Project

    Here is a single track I did recently with The Human Project. Blues/Blues Rock/Southern Rock. This opportunity came about from networking with our last producer. Check out the first track on the list: Friday Thang. I made it on 4 of the 7 tracks on this new release. He only has this track up for...
  13. Nodiggie

    Dave Letterman's Drum Solo Week

    Couldn't find any thread (surprised). Catch Letterman this week if possible. Anton kicked off Monday night with a solo (very cool) ending Thursday night with Neil Peart on his sick Time Machine kit.
  14. Nodiggie

    Did you know The Spaniard?

    Today is one of the worst days of my life. I took our best friend to the vet this morning for tests and we decided to say goodby to Maximus Decimus Maridius, The Spaniard. All 5 of us put names in a hat to pick his name, the girls were bummed cause his name was not Snickers. haha. He never knew...
  15. Nodiggie

    K Custom 22 Dark or Dry ?

    Been putting off collecting my Ks for reasons none other than lack of cash. However a good friend is getting rid of this ride. I have searched as many threads and links here and lurking the web. My "K" knowledge is very limited so I need some wisdom regarding this pie. I'm pretty sure it's a 80s...
  16. Nodiggie

    Awkward impromptu audition?

    A year or so ago some friends asked me to sit in on a jam session with their band since they were looking for a drummer. It was fun, met some cool cats and the end of the jam the manager shared with me in detail their immediate and long term goals. There was NO way I could commit to their...
  17. Nodiggie

    This is too funny (HALO NEWS)

    So, The CLERIC and I swung by Blockbuster tonight and on the way out there was a flier posted on the door. "HALO 3 TOURNAMENT" Sat Feb 28th. So, for giggles and grunts, CLERIC calls up his old MLG team and they are going to play in it. Why? Just for the fun of smashing kids who think they are...
  18. Nodiggie

    De La Cruz cymbals

    Has anyone here heard, played, owned any of these cymbals? I am looking for a new set of cymbals to play with a second band. I have not made a final decision on which direction to go yet. De La Cruz will not be at NAMM but will have some cymbals to check out at various booths. Any input at all...
  19. Nodiggie

    LP samples are finally here

    I am happy to finally post this thread. Our debut LP is being remastered but the original was good enough to post (playing through a pc is bad anyway) unless you have a kickin' system hooked up to your pc. Anyway, please check out my band's page: Feel free to...
  20. Nodiggie

    EC Resonant heads ???

    It's time to replace my resonant heads. Just want to get some good DW feedback on these heads.....good/bad etc. etc...... Thanks