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  1. MJD

    American Dreame featuring Bernie Williams So this happened last night. We went to the local jam and Bernie jumped up to play with us for the last song. Completely unexpected but fun. I've known him since we were both conservatory students at SUNY Purchase. It was a good...
  2. MJD

    Mapped MPX Hammered Steel?

    So it's been over a decade since i bought a snare drum. I've been looking over the range of available drums and have come to be very intrigued by this particular model.It's cheaper than many other companies hammered steel drums. Do any of you own one? Can you give me any reasons why i shouldn't...
  3. MJD

    Remo Black Suede Emperor VS Evans Onyx

    Yes, I know this has been brought up before but most of the threads on it don't really go into depth on the subject and also aren't very recent. I recently put an EMAD Onyx on my kick and am very happy with the results and will probably keep buying them for the foreseeable future. Now I was...
  4. MJD

    Riot Revival: It Ain't Art (live) Heres another live vid. I posted 2 others earlier this week under the thread Common Core. Hope you all enjoy it. More coming soon.
  5. MJD

    Common Core This is a live version of a song from our upcoming record. We call ourselves Riot Revival. I believe this is the first thing i've shared of my playing here. I hope the link works.
  6. MJD

    EMAD vs SK I vs Powerstroke Pro?

    Hello All, I've managed to put my beater through the PS3 on my kit so it's time to get a new bass drum batter head. I am having some trouble deciding which of the above mentioned heads to spring for. At the moment there is a bedsheet in my BD for muffling but i want to get rid of that(I used the...
  7. MJD

    A thought about definitions

    When i was in college I had one of those moments where a teacher said something which completely confirmed the way i had always defined pop music that i never questioned it. Until i got out of school and started talking to local musicians reading internet forums. He had said that Modern Western...
  8. MJD

    Is this a viable idea?

    Okay so i currently own 2 kits in the following configurations Kit 1 13x9 rack 16x16 floor 20x14 kick Kit 2(that i'm currently gigging with) 12x8 rack 14x14floor 20x14 kick i use the same 14x5 snare with both kits. I've noticed that with some venues i really wish i had my 13 and 16 toms but for...
  9. MJD

    So I tried this today.

    I normally play with the following cymbal setup for my band. Zildjian 22in Medium ride Wuhan18 crash/ride and Sabian b8 hats(they are the only one's i own that cut well with this group, something to do with the arrangements) Tonight because i was pressed for time i grabbed my spare cymbals that...
  10. MJD

    Kit dilemma.

    When i was a teenager i found a vintage Ludwig kit on the street. The bass drum and rack tom are silver sparkle and the floor tom is a strange burgundy pearl type wrap. the bass drum hoops are the same color as the floor tom. It sat in my room where i had first my yamaha 7 piece and then my Tama...
  11. MJD

    Not allowed to touch kit???

    I have a gig in Brooklyn on the 5th. in the email they say that apart from playing the kit i'm not to touch it in any way including adjusting heights or unscrewing the BD pedal to put my own on it. They also say that if we bring ANY drum equipment with us we wont be allowed to play. My response...
  12. MJD

    Reading, Writing, etc

    I wrote a song for my rock group on the train the other day before rehearsal. Just a slightly expanded lead sheet with the bass line and vocal line with the chords above the vocal line in a manner similar to a continuo aria. I retained my drum part in my head though all my training says I should...
  13. MJD

    Groove Percussion 4-piece what's the wood?

    Hi, I just spent the day putting together the 4 piece that sam ash had going for $189 over the 4th. I got it to relieve my early 70's Ludwig which, while it IS my dream kit or will be, has been beat to all hell over it's nearly 40 years of service missing bass drum legs, no resos or bottom hoops...