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  1. Jeff Almeyda

    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    The second and third albums really made him a big name in the metal drummer world. He was never a drummer's drummer, if you know what I mean. But he hit accents in unique places and had cool sounding fills and decently thought out beats. No one was hitting cymbal crashes with snare hits before...
  2. Jeff Almeyda

    Great workout with relentless tempo and effort

    John is the greatest death/extreme metal drummer in the world. Not even exaggerating
  3. Jeff Almeyda

    Songs That Speed Up or Slow Down

    I sometimes listen to great songs that breathe and think how today they would have been snapped to the grid and robbed of that much vitality. "Fool in the Rain" comes to mind. They speed up at the end of the Brazilian section and it adds just the perfect edge to it. Today, that song would have...
  4. Jeff Almeyda

    The Yamaha pedals

    There's a good chance you won't notice much. I'm interested to see if you notice a difference between double strokes from slow to fast.
  5. Jeff Almeyda

    Going from chain to direct drive

    If you have excellent technique, you can blaze on anything that is in working order. The differences are much less than what we are led to believe. I've toured with the same metal band using Pearl Eliminators with a strap, Axis Longboards and ACD Darwin with a strap drive mounted. The fastest...
  6. Jeff Almeyda

    Going from chain to direct drive

    The differences are overrated by the proponents of each type. They do show up more during longer double bass single stroke runs at higher tempos. When I say higher tempos, I mean 16ths at 210 and up. A non-metal player might not notice it nearly as much. No one talks about the plateless pedals...
  7. Jeff Almeyda

    Ankle motion problem !

    Do what Bid7h4 said, also try practicing the motion on the floor. Think of lifting your heels, Marthyn Jovanovic is maybe the best teacher of this stuff right now. This video is a must watch.
  8. Jeff Almeyda

    I don’t know which one I like better!

    The mechanical engineering behind a drum pedal isn't all that complex. I'm not surprised that Yamaha's pedal feels just as good as the DW. It just goes to show how much DW charges for the name, no?
  9. Jeff Almeyda

    DW 5000 remote hat sluggishness

    ACD Unlimited remote hihat blows everything currently available out of the water. I put my DW away after getting it.
  10. Jeff Almeyda

    Offset double bass pedal

    Check out this bad boy
  11. Jeff Almeyda

    Technique vs. groove.

    This argument is just used by "groove" guys to excuse their lazy practice habits. Every good working player needs both. I can play at 240 BPM and I can also lock in with a click at 30 BPM. Most serious players can.
  12. Jeff Almeyda

    Ankle weights?

    Ankle weights will stengthen your hip flexors and quads, not your calves very much. They would strenghten those muscles used in slow and mid-tempo double bass more than those used for 200+ BPM stuff. If you want to strengthen your calves for fast double bass then seated calf raises for high...
  13. Jeff Almeyda

    Who has a centered cable hat setup? Not cheap but awesome I’m on the artist roster and couldn’t be happier
  14. Jeff Almeyda

    Who has a centered cable hat setup?

    He stopped making them. I have one and it's great. Right now the best remote hi hat by far is the Darwin by ACD Unlimited. Dennis' bass drum pedals are taking the metal world by storm and his remote hi hat blows all the major brands out of the water for playability and convenience.
  15. Jeff Almeyda

    feeling the beat

    I'm actually working through Dave's book with him and you are right. Learning to tap at 20-40 bpm without subdividing doesn't really take you where you want to go. You need to be able to subdivide every permutation of the particular rhythmic grid you are playing and develop the ability to move...
  16. Jeff Almeyda

    Favorite piece of gear that's not a drum or cymbal.

    JH Audio Roxanne In ear Monitors. Being able to hear everything without having to hit too hard changed my life
  17. Jeff Almeyda

    List of boutique builders

    Drums: Trick Longo Custom Drums. Neil and Matt are awesome guys. For boutique bass drum and hi hat pedals: ACD Unlimited (Dennis is the best) Axis Trick Czarcie Kopyto
  18. Jeff Almeyda

    Johnny B Goode Drum Part?

    Yes Larry. The drummer swinging against the straight band playing IS Rock and Roll. Let the absolute groove master himself explain:
  19. Jeff Almeyda

    Custom ear molds - any vendor recommendations?

    Same here. Roxanne is expensive but the absolute top of the line for live performance.