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  1. BradGunnerSGT

    Drummers Can't Dance?

    Based on my limited sample size of one (me) I can confirm that statement. Drummers can't dance.
  2. BradGunnerSGT

    Finally! My First Final Phil Collins tribute kit

    His kit is an ergonomic nightmare. It worked for him for a long time, but led to back and wrist problems later in life. Those short signature sticks of his didn't help, either. I had a pair of those, thinking "I'm a short guy, too, maybe I need shorter sticks". They made it hard to reach...
  3. BradGunnerSGT

    GC Wouldn't Let Me In

    100% this. Everyone going around in full hazmat-level PPE is not feasible, but if we do go out we should ALL protect each other by lowering the percentage of airborne particles coming out of our mouths and noses due to the simple acts of breathing and speaking. If we reduce by even a small...
  4. BradGunnerSGT

    VELOC One-Trip Drum Transport System

    A Rock-n-Roller cart and some bungie cords is like $150 bucks, though....
  5. BradGunnerSGT

    What are your all time top 3 cover versions of your favourite songs?

    Steven Wilson's tribute to David Bowie, a live version of Space Oddity, is also fantastic.
  6. BradGunnerSGT

    Large diaphragm overhead mic for $150?

    +1 for the AT 2020 or 2035. These are both solid "do-it-all" LDCs that won't break the bank.
  7. BradGunnerSGT

    Remo Silentstrokes on resonate side?

    You should try loosening the silentstroke head until it feels less bouncy. You don't have to tighten them up like a normal head. The bottom head is there to vibrate just a little bit to give a sense of tone (you can tune the toms to get a good interval). Like newolide said, the silentstroke...
  8. BradGunnerSGT

    Lightweight hardweare recomendations

    I have these too, and love them. All I have to do is fold up the legs and the hi-hat footboard and put them into a speaker stand bag with the base for my throne (it's a lightweight base from a cheap Gibraltar throne). The whole thing weighs less than two double braced stands.
  9. BradGunnerSGT

    Cymbal Bag Recommendations?

    I've got this one and I love it for several reasons, mainly that it has a huge pocket across the back and smaller pockets for a lot of accessories. I don't even carry a stick bag any more and just put everything in there...
  10. BradGunnerSGT

    The One That Got Away

    Tama's G-Bubinga SLP snare drum. That was a heavy beast but it sounded and looked amazing. I'm playing an aluminum Recording Custom now that I also love but that Bubinga was a beautiful piece of gear.
  11. BradGunnerSGT

    Marking the fulcrum

    Depending on the song or the style of music, or even between sections of the song you may not want your hands to have exact mirror grip. They are usually doing different things so adjusting your grip style and how far up or down the stick you hold it may change subconsciously. Gavin Harrison...
  12. BradGunnerSGT

    light weight drum kit

    The whole Yamaha Stage Custom line is very lightweight. I replaced a Gretsch Renown Maple kit with a Stage Custom, and the whole kit weighs less than just the bass drum from the Gretsch kit.
  13. BradGunnerSGT

    New Yamaha Stage Custom Hips

    Looks interesting. I'm curious if they will offer the bass drum by itself like they do for their 18-24" bass drums. I'd love one as an alternative to my existing 20x17" kick drum on my regular kit.
  14. BradGunnerSGT

    Stanton Moore now with Zildjian

    I wonder if he is going to encourage some changes to some of the Zildjian lines the way he influenced Sabian with the incorporation of the Crescent line. Apparently he uses Kerope cymbals in his new setup: On a side note, I low-key knew that...
  15. BradGunnerSGT

    Judith and Siva from a last week gigs

    The bass player needed to put his hair up in a pony tail in the break before the second verse. Other than that, this was a great cover of Judith. Just kidding. These kids rock!!
  16. BradGunnerSGT

    Today the music store lost the sale

    I haven't been playing lately, but over the last several years almost all of my purchases have come from Sweetwater. They have been consistently great to work with. I will only set foot in a GC or Sam Ash if I'm in a hurry and need something on the way to a gig. Amazon is also good for small...
  17. BradGunnerSGT

    Tom mounting options for 2-up Premiers

    It can be. You can get a package that includes a single tom arm and a snare basket, or just the basic stealth rack that has no tom mount or snare basket and then you add your own.
  18. BradGunnerSGT

    Question about Ludwig Classic Maples

    From what I've read, Ludwig went through a period of QC issues a few years ago but the current production line is solid. I would also love to get a set of Classic Maples, by the way. Please let us know what you think of them.
  19. BradGunnerSGT

    best seamless aluminum snare?

    Throwing in my two cents, the Yamaha RC Aluminum is a fantastic drum.
  20. BradGunnerSGT

    The First Kit You Got

    My first kit was a franken-kit that my cousin bought from a friend of his who was in the Army and was moving and couldn't take it with him. I appeared to have been wrapped at some point and had the wrap removed, and came with some concert toms. I used my student snare (what I now know was an...