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  1. Jeff Almeyda

    Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station

    This is new from Gibraltar, a nod to the original rails from the origins of the drumset. I just bought a new Tama kit with a virgin BD and am contemplating this. I know that it will hold the stuff, I just don't know if I want the look or not. Any thoughts on the look?
  2. Jeff Almeyda

    Forcing self to take a break?

    I've been on a real practice kick lately, like 4-6 hours a day kind of stuff. I've made some incredible progress but am just wiped today. For those long-time serious players, do you purposely include days off in an intense routine? I'll assume the answer is yes, but do you have a method to...
  3. Jeff Almeyda

    Bill Bachman

    Seriously, have any of you ever seen anything like this? My man Bill leaves jaws dropped. Oh yeah, the whole thing is in 7.
  4. Jeff Almeyda

    Radically new drum tuning tech

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned this already. The concept of tuning a drum with only one knob has been around forever. These guys have done it better than anyone else by far. I’d love to hear Andy’s or Ron Dunnett’s or any other drum builder’s opinion I love the idea...
  5. Jeff Almeyda

    New high-end pedal manufacturer

    This guy is making high end pedals as well as conversions of all types. Direct drive, strap, middle pedals he's got it all. He also has an amazing looking hi hat coming out. Check it out, not cheap so be warned.
  6. Jeff Almeyda

    This would speed up head changes and tuning
  7. Jeff Almeyda

    Being impressed vs being moved

    In a recent Gavin Harrison video he make a distinction between drumming (or music) that is impressive vs music that truly moves him. I thought it was a concise, brilliant summation of those two experiences. He then goes on to play a very artistic drum part to a song. Many older players might...
  8. Jeff Almeyda

    Post Modern Jukebox

    Anyone dig this act? They play popular songs reimagined as different period pieces. Top notch players. Check out this current pop song done as a 1929 New Orleans tune. So much style...
  9. Jeff Almeyda

    Knowing your audience

    I saw a bar band playing last night to a crowd of 20-somethings who were drinking and partying like it was the middle of the summer. The band really wasn't very good but what really threw me off was their song selection. Everything was from the 60's and 70's. Let me tell you, if you think...
  10. Jeff Almeyda

    I can sing?

    So at age 48, I find that I have all of a sudden been blessed with the ability to sing. A whole life spent being flat and awful and now I find that I can nail most pop and rock songs without a prblem? Mind you, I can't approach any serious vocal gymnastics like a Freddie Mercury or Rob Halford...
  11. Jeff Almeyda

    Keith Emerson Passed Away Absolutely the best rock keyboard player ever.
  12. Jeff Almeyda

    Steve Smith Video Release Party

    Monday Mar 21 in Manhattan, NYC at The Cutting Room. Steve will be there, signing copies and being awesome. I'm definitely going. This new vid is all about applying matched grip to the kit.
  13. Jeff Almeyda

    New tech blows CGI away

    This is amazing...
  14. Jeff Almeyda

    Practice-related quotes

    There are many masters of different fields who have wise things to say about the process of improving or the road to mastery. If you have one please share. Here's one from Bruce Lee: "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once; but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000...
  15. Jeff Almeyda

    Jim and Harry Chapin

    I feel stupid for not having known this but I recently found out that Jim Chapin was Harry Chapin's dad. So the next question is: Was "Cat's in the Cradle" about Jim? That would be really weird if it was.
  16. Jeff Almeyda

    Old vs New School. Metal and Drum Corps

    I was listening to Spotify the other day and checked out some of the new metal tracks. While listening, I realized that both drum corps and metal have both made significant parallel paradigm shifts over the past 10-20 years or so. Old school metal drummers like Dave Lombardo played on...
  17. Jeff Almeyda

    Touring Europe

    I leave in a few hours for an 18 day tour of Europe with the band Sunlord in support of the new album. Hitting Germany, Belgium, Italy, France. Ending in Prague. I will send you guys pics from the road when I can. God Bless.
  18. Jeff Almeyda

    A lesson with Pretty Purdie

    None of us will ever be as cool as Bernard Purdie. Watch this video, smile and learn from a man who drips soul.
  19. Jeff Almeyda

    The origin of the term "Gospel Chops"

    The great Chris Coleman.
  20. Jeff Almeyda

    Master of Puppets with St Anger snare

    The title says it all. Just awesomely terrible.