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  1. BradGunnerSGT

    Need a more "rock" setup for a project, is this idea insane or what?

    I'm auditioning for a band playing much harder rock than I've been playing recently. The last few years, I've been playing in a country/rock/pop type of band, in a standard 1-up 1-down config with a single crash on the left side and a ride and a second crash on the right, with sometimes an extra...
  2. BradGunnerSGT

    Difference in Zildjian/Sabian packaging or a problem with the store?

    So I was shopping for cymbals a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to take a chance on a Zildjian box set (the K box set with a 20" ride, 14" hats, 16" and 18" Dark thin crashes). These are really nice cymbals and I am very happy with them. I bought a box set of Sabian HHX Evolutions in August...
  3. BradGunnerSGT

    My name is BradGunnerSGT, and I have GAS!

    So I thought that I had overcome my GAS. At the end of 2013, I had finally settled down to enjoy my drums and hardware and be happy with my configuration....and then disaster struck. It all started with the kick pedal. I've had a Sonor Perfect Balance pedal for about a year and while I love...
  4. BradGunnerSGT

    clips from our last gig

    Hey, just wanted to post a couple of clips from our last gig. I try to just set up a camera now and then so we can critique ourselves. Usually I put it out in the audience area, but on Friday I experimented with putting the camera onstage (behind the PA). Everything is mostly stage volume...
  5. BradGunnerSGT

    Never too early to start rocking!

    Check these kids out. The littlest one has a pretty good sense of rhythm and they all actually get all the little stops and breaks in the song. Watch till the end, the outro is really good, too!!
  6. BradGunnerSGT

    Review: Gretsch Legend brass snare (plus a bonus S-Hoop review!)

    OK, I searched on DW for a review of these snares and didn't see any. I guess no one has played these yet, so I'll post a review. I purchased a 14x6.5 Gretsch Legend brass snare online a month ago. Normally I would wait to hear the drum and/or read some reviews from people that I trust...
  7. BradGunnerSGT

    Movember! Moustaches for charity!!

    It’s Movember, the month formerly known as November, which is dedicated to growing moustaches and raising awareness and funds for men’s health. I have joined the movement and will be donating my upper lip to the cause for 30 days. My moustache (Mo) will spark conversations, and no doubt generate...