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  1. MusiQmaN

    Yamaha throw off replacement

    Do you have a picture of your throw?
  2. MusiQmaN

    Yamaha 100th anniversaty.. worth pursuing?

  3. MusiQmaN

    Bronze Snare Recommendations

    Duluth makes Bronze. Bell Brass doesn’t exist. It is either Bell Bronze or Brass. Thank Tama for that confusion back in the days.
  4. MusiQmaN

    Yamaha 100th anniversaty.. worth pursuing?

    Those are the rarest of the rarest out there in Yamaha world. So rare that I have only seen them twice before this one on sale in my 28 years Yamaha. Yamaha themself might even buy them for one of their global offices, as they showed interest when I told them about two other kits being...
  5. MusiQmaN

    Question or DW 1999 set....

    That is the downside. They don’t make these shells anymore. What I got back after mailing back and forth with DW, Keller and Precision when I wanted an 18” floor for my kit: “The original 18’s would have been 6 ply with 3 ply rings. So, 6 ply with 5 ply rings or even 5 ply with 5 ply rings...
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    What’s the best snare drum under $250?

    The older concert line is so under rated and can be had so affordable now. Brass, Steel, Copper and the Maple and Birch models all for under 400,- (copper) and much less (steel)
  7. MusiQmaN

    Gretsch was good enough for Remo.

    It was a combined efford of all to find out what worked (and obviously who would be first with a proper product). “Bill Ludwig: “Both Grolimund and Evans sent us the first Mylar heads we had ever seen tacked…yes, stapled to OUR wood hoops.” And it was Remo with Muchick who invented the steel...
  8. MusiQmaN

    Bop & cafe kits

    What I love about the older Vintage Natural, is that it turns into a goldish hue due to the microbacteria in the finish, just like the Vintage Brown finish. And obviously it sounds killer and so is the build quality. Regardless of the great things coming out of the China and Indonesia...
  9. MusiQmaN

    Gretsch was good enough for Remo.

    Reading on the Remo website. A bit of a tough read because of its word build-up/story line, but an interesting time it was back then. Sounds like stealing an idea to me, then to pride with it too :unsure...
  10. MusiQmaN

    Just spent 4+ hours cleaning the kit...

    You can adjust the file size when you upload. You have to use show selected, than press actual size, and then you can select the size. I usually do large.
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    What’s the best snare drum under $250?

    I would say a used Supraphonic. Bought mine at an auction for 150. Sold it for 250 a few months ago and ever regret it. As it is a killer snare that every drummer should have next his/her prefered snare.
  12. MusiQmaN

    All else being equal- Maple vs. Mahogany Snare

    I always loved Mahogany. Whether it was the old Rock Tour Customs and Tour Customs, the 10x5 Stage Custom side snare, or the Maple/Mahogany (speaking of low, the 15'' has more body and lows than most 18' floors I played) I play now. Imagine I have an 18” floor in this kit too 😂 Love it!!!
  13. MusiQmaN

    Question or DW 1999 set....

    The early in-house shells also only had the printed numbers and black badge (the badge change tot the gold badge, happened in 2002). They didn’t changed over-night so the 1998 is a broad taken year, not a certain date. The seam should tell if it is Keller if DW regardless:
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    Bop & cafe kits

    That 2” all around on a kick bag/case extra compared to an 18” or 16” does make a big difference in smaller cars, cabs and stages I have experienced in the past.
  15. MusiQmaN

    A couple of rare snare drums

    There are two bronze models now on Reverb I noticed. One with die cast hoops (and without badge), and one regular one with a die cast at the bottom. There is also a full kit with snare (also with die-cast hoops). Funny that they even used two different badges randomly on their ad.
  16. MusiQmaN

    Bop & cafe kits

    I found12/14/18 Maple Custom absolute in a shop a few weeks ago. For under 1k and in pristine condition. I added Crosstown Hardware and its a super gig friendly kit. A pro kit where those baby kits can’t hold a candle too. Much easier to transport than the big sizes yet can sound huge...
  17. MusiQmaN

    Question or DW 1999 set....

    The year was 1998 they moved to their own shells, so I doubt it will be keller. But they will be still killer drums, as then the are DW’s own, in-house shells. They don’t have the old badges anymore in stock and Keller/Precision drums don’t make the same shells with that ply config anymore, as...
  18. MusiQmaN

    Mike Mitchell / Blaque Dynamite Drum Kit Tour 2020

    Love his setup. I got my 7” deep rack toms last year. Love them! Also cool he rocks the 15” and 18” x14 floor section too.
  19. MusiQmaN

    Ugly or not?

    Why not a combination of a fade AND its natural grain underneath it being visible.
  20. MusiQmaN

    Craviotto 14x8 goodness.

    Thanks. I was suprised myself it took this (medium) tuning so good. I did asked for the bottom mic as it would sound too boxy without. It even has a Slapklatz medium on it.