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  1. toonamike

    2020 Ludwig Outfitter Tutorial

    I created a video tutorial that shows how the 2020 Ludwig Outfitter works. Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. toonamike

    Are Factories Running Right Now?

    With all of the coronavirus / COVID-19 closing around the globe, I'm wondering how many drum factories are producing instruments right now. Does anyone have any information on the US-based companies? For example, is Ludwig still open in Monroe? I work with my local high school's drumline. We...
  3. toonamike

    PHOTOS: Ludwig Classic Maple Piccolo Snare Drum

    Ludwig doesn't show a piccolo snare drum option on its site, but one can be configured in the custom order guide. It's a 3.5 x 13" with a P-80 throw-off and tube lugs.
  4. toonamike

    Anyone Else Get the New Ludwig Jazz Fest Snare?

    I just received one of Ludwig's new Jazz Fest snares in vintage black oyster. I'm looking for others who have the same drum. Mine was oddly packaged. I ordered it from Sweetwater, so it's from a reputable source. However, it did not arrive in a Ludwig box. Rather, it was in a plain cardboard...
  5. toonamike

    Using Ludwig's Custom Order Guide

    Ludwig doesn't do much to advertise its Custom Order Guide, which is a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet. Because I'm a big nerd, I made a video that demonstrates how the spreadsheet works. You can check it out at
  6. toonamike

    Thoughts on these Ludwig snare drums

    Check out these basement finds. They appear to be Ludwigs. Are they worth anything? They appear to be in good condition.
  7. toonamike

    Just Back From a Ludwig Factory Tour... Any Questions?

    Hi, all! I toured the Ludwig factory in Monroe, NC on Friday, Nov. 16. If you have any questions about the tour or what is going on at Ludwig, ask away! I have some photos here:
  8. toonamike

    My Ludwig Classic Maple Set Has Arrived

    Sweetwater delivered my 3 pc. FAB 22 shell pack today, along with a free Classic Maple snare drum. I haven't tuned it yet, but it sure looks great!
  9. toonamike

    Choosing a Ludwig Kit

    I've had a Yamaha electronic kit for the past few years. I'm finally ready to get a new acoustic kit. I need some flexibility to create different types of kits for different situations, so I was going to go 10/12/13/14/16/22. I definitely want to go with Ludwig, but I'm having trouble deciding...