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    Found this song on my hardrive

    Wow, I found this old song that my dad and I recorded about a year ago. It's just a little jam session type deal: This on my old Pearl Forum kit, and it sounds pretty good to me for a beginner kit, plus I recorded it through the headphone jack on my computer. See if you can tell where I drop...
  2. J

    Pearl Masters MCX

    I found this post on Craigslist: If anyone lives near Columbus, Ga these are worth checking out, only $650. I bought my Mapex Pro-Ms from this guy. Just thought I'd post in case anyone was interested.
  3. J

    Tama Bass Drum Beater

    I have looked and I cannot find the beaters that are on the Iron Cobra Jr. pedal. I played with them one time, and I love the beaters on them. Does anyone know where to get them?
  4. J

    Rough recording of new song

    A friend and I got together today and we recorded a Dream-Theaterish type song with 5/4 timing at the beginning. Give a listen, feedback would be appreciated. Of course we come up with the best ideas after we've recorded. We added a 7/8 groove at the beginning and I changed one part on the 5/4...