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    Remo Renaissance Snare Side and Evans EC Reso ?

    Hi everyone, I'm starting in jazz and I'm going to replace my old heads with something more suitable for my snare and toms made of poplar. I liked the Evans UV1s for their sound and for the durability Evans claims to have, but I want to control the overtones these heads produce. Do you think...
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    Best cymbals for $600?

    Hello, after this problem I want to buy new cymbals (hi hats 14", crash 17" or 18" and ride 20" or 21"), since I have some planet z (hi hats 14" and crash/ride 18") but they sound very bad. I want a dark and sweet sound at medium volume because I only play at home. I play alternative rock, pop...
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    Large diaphragm overhead mic for $150?

    I'm going to make my first attempt at recording my drums at home, in a very small room of about 3x3, I don't intend to get professional results, I just do it as a hobby and I'm still not sure if I'm going to do it, but anyway, I want a microphone for $ 150 to use as overhead, and sometimes for...