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  1. shoedaddy

    Allegra or Dunnett Snares...any experiences?

    I've narrowed down my next snare to one of two--an Allegra maple with wood hoops or a Dunnett Stainless Steel. They're both great snares, although the Dunnett is about $100 more. Any experience with either of these? Thanks for the feedback.
  2. shoedaddy

    AAX Memphis Ride

    Anybody played one of these? I saw one in a shop, and it sounded great. I'm comparing it with the Vault Crossover, which seems to have a similar function but is much more expensive. Any feedback is welcome...
  3. shoedaddy

    New Tama B/B EFX and HH/HHX

    Just picked this up. It's actually the second time I've owned a kit in this finish, and I regretted trading the other one. This is a Tama Starclassic Performer B/B EFX in Shattered Turquoise Sparkle with black nickel hardware. It has a 7x12 mounted tom, and 12x14 and 14x16 floor toms. This...
  4. shoedaddy

    ddrum Dios ST

    Anybody played one of these or hear anything about them? They are a combination of Ash and Bubinga. Just curious...
  5. shoedaddy


    Here are a few pics of my new Pearl Masters MCX kit. I just received the snare drum to complete the kit. I've been through a number of kits recently to try to get the right sound, and, after a few trades/returns, this is it for me (and, as I told my significant other, I really mean it this...
  6. shoedaddy

    Best K Ride for Rock?

    I love the sound of Zildjian K rides, and I know they were originally designed for jazz music. I'd like, however, to get one for mostly rock music. Any recommendations? The K Custom Ride and K Custom Dry Ride sound great, but do you think they'd be loud enough?
  7. shoedaddy

    New Vistalites

    My twenty year wait is over...I just picked up my set of new Ludwig Vistalites today, brought 'em home, and have been playing and tinkering with them ever since. I posted some pics on another thread, but I thought I'd provide some more detail here. It took about 6 weeks to get them from Dale's...
  8. shoedaddy

    Christmas wishes...what are you hoping to get?

    With the holidays just around the corner, I was curious as to what others are getting or are hoping to get in terms of drum-related gifts. Since nobody was likely to know what I wanted exactly, I decided to get myself my own gift. I ordered a set of new Ludwig Vistalites in Jellybean colors...
  9. shoedaddy

    Black Panther--New Snare

    I just picked this up yesterday. This is a Dynamic Steel snare with reverse etching. More importantly, it has a great crack and is very sensitive. Sounds good tuned low or high. I traded in the snare that came with my Gretsch Renown kit. It wasn't bad, but I just couldn't quite get the...
  10. shoedaddy

    Sabian HHX vs. Paiste RUDE--what I ended up getting

    A little while back, I asked for some feedback about Paiste RUDEs and Turkish cymbals as I searched for a new set-up. Obviously, those are quite different, so I think what ended up getting--a set of Sabians--maybe bridges the gap. It was hard for me to find Turkish cymbals to sample, and the...
  11. shoedaddy

    Ocheltree Heavy Metals Carbon Steel Snare Drum

    Has anybody used one of these? I have maple and birch snares for my two kits, but I'm looking for a brass or steel snare as well. This looks intriguing...
  12. shoedaddy

    Sabian HHX or Paiste RUDE???

    I've been all over the place in my search for a new set of cymbals, considering everything form Istanbul and TRX to Meinl. I've sort of narrowed it down to Sabian HHX or Paiste RUDE. Right now, I'm playing Paiste Signatures/New Signatures, and I plan to keep these. I'm planning to get...
  13. shoedaddy

    Paiste RUDEs--lil' help!

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  14. shoedaddy

    Istanbuls and other Turkish Cymbals--where should I start???

    Lately, even though I like my Paistes, I've become interested in getting a set of Turkish cymbals for a different sound for some gigs. There are lots of different brands--Istanbul, Bosphorus, TRX, Turkish, etc. Where should I start? What are you playing? What would you recommend?