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  1. iCe

    Deals on Gretsch Snares

    Lol i just clicked on a snare that looked nice and spotted this... Looks like they forgot to link NAME BRAND to the actual product 😂
  2. iCe

    YOUR bands' album covers

    I like the 'Splinter Cell' one! Just something about how that water reflects the nice outlines of the city. Below are 2 of mine. The first one is of the progressive rock/metal project i play in. At the moment it's just the guitar player and me (wrote those songs with a bass player who left...
  3. iCe

    The tale of slowly switching brands…

    Now thinking about it... i remember when Paiste released the Rude 18 and 20" Basher models that i was surprised on how nice they sounded. What i do have realized over the years is that Paiste cymbals in recordings and live performances always cut through flawlessly. For now i have set my sights...
  4. iCe

    Is there a way to verify the model of a Zildjian cymbal?

    The overall look, the hammering and what looks like a once brilliant finish makes me think this is a K Custom Ride. What size is it? It does have some 'blemished' spots which could indicate a Dry Ride or Special Dry Ride, but what idiot would polish a Dry Ride... :ROFLMAO: My bet goes to a K...
  5. iCe

    Chain vs Direct drive durability-wise

    I was about to say 'don't get those!' until i read that it's for a shared set haha. I have the double pedal (chain) version of it that came with the Alesis DM10 pack (with throne, sticks, headphone etc) years back and the pedal feels very sluggish. Pedals are very personal. If i play a house...
  6. iCe


    Just a question that popped up; do you replace a stick when you break one, if you feel it's about to break or when the balance is of? Or another reason? I 'retire' a pair of sticks when i start to notice that they start to be unbalanced. It's a subtle thing, but most of the time it's because...
  7. iCe

    Remo Colortone Snare Head. Opinions please.

    The coated CS is my favorite snare head for the exact same reason; just enough dampening of overtones. Especially when you turn it really tight. Tried the clear CS also for a while, but i found i missed the warm feel and sound of the coated version. Might slap the clear CS on a piccolo snare i...
  8. iCe

    Vater Session sticks

    Just posted this in another topic, but i guess i can call myself a Vater convert haha. Been going back and forth between sticks and wood types over the years. Eventually used the Promark Todd Sucherman signature stick for quite a while, but when the price increased dramatically for that stick i...
  9. iCe

    My favorite sticks

    Last Friday i tried the Wincent maple 5B's. Long story short; going to stick to the Vater Sugar Maple 5B's. Feel and sound on the drums is just spot on with these sticks. Found that the Wincent maple 5B's are significantly heavier and also because of the tip i get too much brightness out of my...
  10. iCe

    What Makes Keith Moon a Legendary Drummer?

    I think this also applies to progressive rock/metal (which i love by the way). It's about breaking through barriers and doing things that aren't the 'established order'. But like all human things; stray too far from the main flock the flock and you'll be criticized.
  11. iCe

    What Makes Keith Moon a Legendary Drummer?

    I'd say that a nice word for playing it correctly would be 'Mooning your way through the setlist', but that sounds a little raunchy
  12. iCe

    Regarding drum rack.

    Another reason to use a rack ;)
  13. iCe

    Regarding drum rack.

    Millenium is the housebrand of Thomann. I wouldn't call it the best quality though. I have the Pearl DR-80 rack and for its price it's an excellent rack. Sturdy and doesn't move. Downsides are that you can't lower the rack bars. They're all on the same height. Another downside is the PC-8...
  14. iCe

    Smallest way to pack a double pedal?

    When the hardcase of my Tama Iron Cobra 'broke' (the closing clips didn't work anymore and had to use a belt to keep it closed) i replaced it with a Tama pedal bag. Upside is that it's really lighter and more easy to haul around.
  15. iCe

    Drum setup

    Last Friday i changed my setup again for the nth time. Had a 3 up 2 down setup and went back to a 2 up 2 down setup. I had the 'traditional' setup (toms over bass drum) 2 years back or so because that really made for a tight setup and i could bring everything in more closely. With another band i...
  16. iCe

    Bill Bruford's Yard Sale

    That are some nice Paiste's in that collection!
  17. iCe

    Long-term cymbal storage

    A smaller cymbal will 'hang' on the center thread and that could cause a keyhole over time, because a lot of the weight of the cymbal rests now on that part. Looks like that has happened. The discoloration looks like patina or dirt that develops over time and should come off after a good rub.
  18. iCe

    The tale of slowly switching brands…

    I was referring to the Rudes with harsh and loud sound in person, not 2002
  19. iCe

    Why Is Yamaha Dropping DTX 900, 700 & 500 Series?

    More then 10 years ago i was looking to get a DTXPRESS IV kit, but eventually let that idea go. Did play a DTXtreme III kit in a shop once and i still remember how natural that kit felt. Thinking of it, i haven't seen a Yamaha electronic kit on some sites for years now. Which i think is sad...
  20. iCe

    The tale of slowly switching brands…

    I like how 2002's and Rudes sound on recordings as well, but in person... had an used 2002 18" Thin Crash years back and liked the sound of it. Also had an used 17" Rude Crash/Rude and i can understand the OP: it's loud and has gongy tones after you hit it, but this line is designed to cut...