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  1. Torkerz

    20x16 or 22x16 Recording Custom

    Hi Guys, I'm just about to purchase a new recording custom and I am torn between the 22x16 or 20x16 bass drum... Tom sizes will be 10x7.5, 12x8 and 14x13. I generally play all styles, but mainly funk and rock at the moment. Any suggestions and pros and cons?
  2. Torkerz

    Which Hudson DVD?

    Hi! I've been given a code to claim any Hudson Music DVD download I want. Obviously it's going to be a drumming one. I am just torn which to pick! I did have secret weapons for the modern drummer but someone stole it, so I may replace that. However, Pat Pertrillo and Benny Greb look tempting...
  3. Torkerz

    HELP: Which road do I take?

    Hey Folks, Just wanted to have your opinions on the following... I have recently been for an audition with a covers band and I have been offered the spot of being their drummer. They already have around 50+ gigs booked on the local circuit and each would be pretty well paid (getting around...
  4. Torkerz

    Moving from an Electronic Kit to an Acoustic Kit

    Probably already exists, but I thought I'd ignite fresh discussion, and I think this is relative to technique. I have found that when I'm playing my electronic kit, I can throw out great chops, can get through exercises great. Get back on my acoustic kit and I SUCK. Everything just seems...
  5. Torkerz

    RIP John Bonham

    John Bonham died on this day in 1980. As a tribute to John, please share all your favorite tracks, albums, pictures, videos, even favorite technique! Everything that is the late great John Bonham is welcome! My favorite has to be that right foot! And let's not forget the awesome solo in Moby...
  6. Torkerz

    World War 3

    Quite a depressing topic, but with all tensions currently happening in world affairs - especially Syria, do you think we are on the brink, or not? People's thoughts would be appreciated