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  1. Bart Elliott

    Joyful Noise Giving Away 6.5x14 Luminary Series Snare Drum

    Continuing with their 10th Anniversary Celebration, the Joyful Noise Drum Company is launching a contest to giveaway a 6.5x14 Luminary Series snare drum. The Luminary Series snare drum features a seamless aluminum shell embodying the design attributes of the renowned JNDC Modern Classic shell...
  2. Bart Elliott

    Joyful Noise Celebrating 10th Anniversary with Limited Edition TKO Snare Drum

    Joyful Noise Drum Company is proud to announce the 10th Anniversary TKO Snare Drum. The Joyful Noise Drum Company will release 10 limited edition TKO snare drums in conjunction with their 10th Anniversary in 2016. The TKO model being their flagship snare drum, featuring a hand selected seamless...
  3. Bart Elliott

    Todd Trent Joins Joyful Noise Drum Company

    Joyful Noise Drum Company Appoints Todd Trent Chief Operating Officer
  4. Bart Elliott

    Drummer Cafe TV Show

    This is Episode One of my all new show for Drummer Cafe TV. I'm hoping to release a new episode each month. Hope you dig it!
  5. Bart Elliott

    Bart Elliott interviews RIMS inventor, Gary Gauger

    In my exclusive video interview with Gary Gauger, Gary discusses his career in drumming, how he came up with RIMS and how the drum industry (ie. manufacturers) rejected the product. There is also a PDF of a letter written to Gary from Shelly Manne, dated 1979, where Shelly talks about Gary's...
  6. Bart Elliott

    Joyful Noise Drum Company - Luminary Series

    Joyful Noise Drum Company recently introduced their new seamless aluminum shell Snare drums ... called the Luminary Series. If you like aluminum drums, and have been a fan of the Acrolite and Supraphonic, hold on to your drumsticks! Here's the official press release which includes a 5-minute...
  7. Bart Elliott

    "A Day With Joyful Noise Drum Company"

    I wanted to tell you about my first documentary! One year ago, on May 20, 2009, I attended the Joyful Noise Drum Company Day at Fork's Drum Closet, in Nashville, TN. After speaking with all the JNDC craftsmen and artisans, as well as hearing from celebrity artists and industry leaders, I...
  8. Bart Elliott

    2010 Chicago Drum Show

    Be sure to make plans to attend The 20th Annual Chicago Drum Show, May 15th & 16th (Saturday/Sunday), at the Kane County Fairgrounds in St. Charles, IL. Here's the official press release as well as my video invitation...
  9. Bart Elliott

    Snare Drum Olympics

    I was surprised that no one has mentioned this event, so I wanted to go ahead and give you a cue. I was asked to shoot video for the Snare Drum Olympics this year. To see and hear over 60 drums from some 36 different drum makers and builders, go to Drummer Cafe TV and watch the On-Demand...
  10. Bart Elliott

    Chicago Drum Show report

    I didn't see anyone else reporting or discussing the Chicago Drum Show this year, so I thought I'd start a thread. This is my second year to attend and report, shooting lots of video and photos ... uploading them throughout the day during the event this past weekend. If you'd like to see my...
  11. Bart Elliott

    Ringo Santa says "no more fan mail"

    After seeing Ringo Starr's video message to everyone requesting "no more fan mail" ... and remembering the old Ringo tune "I Wanna Be Santa Claus" ... I started thinking, what if Ringo really was Santa Claus? Here's what I came up with: