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    Sore knees from Heel up?

    Long story short, I have had pretty sore knees for a while. Been to docs god knows how many times and they say it's just growing pains... (18 yrs old). Every time I go on I'm OK but when I come off I'm usually sore. I play fast metal. I'm not straining or anything, I'm relaxed. I play Axis A's...
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    Axis VDL adjusting?

    Hello. I have had my axis a longboard for some time now and I can't adjust the vdl for some reason. I have tried loosening it but it just feels stuck. I have my VDL nearly at the top like it was to start off with. I'm just curious as to what it would feel like if I had it in the middle or so...
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    Drum hobby without drumming?

    I found a new job and I don't really have time to play drums. Usually whenever I come back from a hard days work, I'm tired and achy from being on my feet all day and i don't want to play drums with sore legs. I'm able to play drums from 10am - 7pm. The thing is I'm usually at work then. When...
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    Recommended Direct Drive Pedal?

    I ordered an Axis A longboard a few days ago but the website emailed me saying they weren’t selling single pedal Axis anymore. (I live in the UK so it’s a bitch and a half to get axis). I could go with ebay but there is something about ebay I don’t like. So annoyingly Axis are out of the...
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    Knee Pain?

    Knee pain threads have been started 1000 times but I don't know if it goes to what im having... Today I have been experiencing some pain in my knee area. I don’t know if I have pulled a muscle or strained or something, anyway is this common every now and then? It feels like a booming sort of...
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    Preventing injury... Wrist Brace?

    To prevent injury in wrists or fingers when playing/practicing blasts, would it be useful to wear a wrist brace for 1 hour or so AFTER playing so that my wrists can relax more? I heard people complaining that they suffered from cts because of the way they were playing blasts or something. I...
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    Define me a good-fantastic drummer

    Not massively important but I’m just curious to what other people think. What should a drummer be able to do for you to call him/her a good/very good/fantastic (or outstanding) drummer in rock/metal? A good rock drummer should be able to have good rhythm, a steady beat and most importantly be...
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    Pain knee after Ankle Motion???

    Hello. I have kinda got the hang of ankle motion, finally, BUT... When ever I get into the motion I kinda tighten my legs so that only my ankles can be moving but my knees tend to hurt a little after about 3, 4 seconds. I try to relax as much as possible but then i have no control. Is this...
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    Buying kits directly from Pearl, Tama, Mapex etc?

    Is there a way I can buy custom drum kits directly from pearl or tama or who ever? Do you have to have an endorsmeant with the company or something? I know a website (thoman) but they usually dont seem to have spare drums in stock that im after Thanks
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    I guess it's Pearl Vision VBX vs VBL

    Pretty short Question… What do you guys think of these for metal drumming? Basically, Is it Strong, durable and reliable. I had my eye on these 2. I’m not in a band or...
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    Cheap Axis Pedals??????? O_O Is it just me or are these axis pedals cheaper than usual? I usually see these for about £500-£600?!
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    Confusion with mics

    I'd just like to start off by saying sorry for starting 100 threads every day on here. I know I'm probably getting on peoples nerves but I just to know some things. I had some problems with my mics not working but I'm waiting for the post to come with the extra things to get it to work. Just a...
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    I can't get my Bass Drum Mic to work

    I just bought a Bass drum mic and I have connected it up with an Amp and I just can't get ANY sound out of it through my bass drum. The guy at the store said it would work If I set it up to a mic. I can tap it and get a sound but through my bass drum... Nope
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    Bass drum mic through heaphones

    I want to mic my bass drum because I can’t hear it well when using my china, Crash/Ride or hihats. When I put the mics in place and I have set up the Mixers and stuff. Can I plug headphones into the mixer or the speakers? This may sound odd but my bass drum can’t be any louder than it is at the...
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    Tama Double Bass

    Do you guys think this is a good deal? I'm not wanting to spend ££££'s on a kit. I heard the Imperialstar is a good kit in general. As in durable, strong, reliable etc Thanks :)
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    I can't hear my drums when i'm covering songs

    Title says it all. I can't hear my drums when I'm covering songs. It's my bass drum that's the problem. I can't hear it. So sometimes I don't know if i'm playing the bass drum part right. Any help? I can't have my bass drum any louder or the neighbors will get pissed. :( Trust me if I could I'd...
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    Double Pedal is driving me CRAZY!!!!

    Is it common for DOUBLE pedals to drive you crazy? I'm playing my IC Power Glide and my Slave pedal keeps slipping closer to the head. The previous pedal (IC jr.) did the same. If I bought a 2nd bass drum and bought 2 single pedals would I have NO Problems at all with lag and stuff that I get...
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    Mapex Voyage Monster Rock Double Set

    I haven't heard much of the Mapex Voyage Monster Rock Double Set. Anyone know if it's: Strong. VERY durable and good/great for metal drumming? I have had my eye on it for a while but I couldn't find any reviews. Thanks
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    Returning drum pedals after use?

    Hello. I'm really thinking about Demon Drive and axis pedals. I live in the UK and don't live anywhere close to a drum shop that sells them. They are deep in the centre of the city and a pain in the ass to get to (they sell DD). I know that getting axis or DD or Trick or what ever will NOT make...
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    Making a bass drum louder through Trigger or Mic?

    Hello. I’m trying to make my bass drum stand out a little more. I have got a few pillows and stuff in but when I’m using my China or my hi hats I can’t hear the bass drum much. I can still understand what’s happening but I’d like it just a little louder. I’ve got my eyes on triggers and Mic’s...