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    Why does not Pearl let you replace all bearings?

    I had some skateboard bearings around so I decided to try them out on my Eliminators. I managed to remove four out of six. The picture quality is awful I know but you get the idea. The bearing in the post looks to be sitting there freely but I cannot get it out. The one on the axle looks bolted...
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    Steve Gadd 70th Collection

    What do you think about these updated limited edition models? Updated signature sticks to celebrate Steve Gadds 70th birthday? Oh yes. Personally I wish to acquire at least one of each item. Not sure when they'll be available in Sweden though. (Edit) Gruntersdad is right. You should provide...
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    Mixer advice.

    I'm planning to mic up my hole kit with a mic-set and I have realized that I'll need a mixer. I found this barely used Behringer Eurorack MX2004a. He sells it for about 80 $. The used market is bad in Sweden and even worse here in the north. I got a relative who could pick it up for me. Would it...
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    Throne keeps lowering.

    My drum throne (similar to the Pearl D-730s) keeps collapsing slowly while I play. It pisses me off. I tighten the wing-nut and the memorylock as tight as I can with my hands but it makes no difference. That should be enough right? Do anyone have a solution?
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    Vater Drumsticks, are you serious!?

    Some trivia. I was just rocking out behind my kit and I had a good line going and I started playing on my ride. I wasn't really looking at the stick but all of a sudden my ride changed pitch. I looked at the stick and the nylon tip was gone. I found one half one the floor but the other is gone...
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    Is there any way to visually tell if the hihat footboard spins?

    The title pretty much asks my question. I want to know if the footboard on various stands turns\spins so I can fit a doublepedal there easier. I have noticed a black plastic(?) part at the bottom of the stands that have a rotating board. But my problem is that some websites does not say if the...
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    The best sound isolation IN-EAR headphones?

    I'm just thinking to use at gigs and such. I'm thinking maybe T-jays? It would be great if they were pretty affordable to.
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    A good Jazz CD?

    Hi! I'm 14 years old and I listen to rock and that type stuff. But sometimes I want to listen to some less "agressive" music and I want to listen to some jazz. But i don't know any Jazz artist. So, witch Jazz record do you think is THE BEST?
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    Clear G2/EMPERORS for batter and reso?

    Would that work at all? Should you avoid dual ply heads for reso? I'm playing coated pinstripe for batter and ambassadors for reso. I'm not getting enough attack from them(no attack at all).
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    I'm trying to learn some new foot techniques but I have a question... I don't wear shoes indoors so i have never played drums with shoes. I've been drumming since i was seven and now I'm fourteen btw. But every one seems to use shoes? I can do doubles. one hit with my heal and one with my toe...
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    REMO coatings?

    Am i the only one who thinks that remos coatings are bad? I bought a Coated Ambassador for my snare and after an hour the coating started to wear down. And after one month on my last head ther was a three inch clear spot on my head. Am i to violent or is it the heads? Anyone got more experience?
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    Diplomat or ambassador UNDER coated pinstripes? HELP!

    Hi im 14 years old and im planning to buy some new drum heads. i have never changed a single tom head. my father bought his drum set like seven years ago and i have been playing since then.(yes i dont own a drumkit. my father does. but im the only one playing) But after seven years of hard...