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    diy electric drums - whats a good module?

    hello old friends, it been a while since ive posted here but have come back because this has been the best spot for advice :) i decided to build an electric drum set, partially to be quieter, but mostly because i like creating and constructing things. im pretty sure ive got the toms and...
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    new batters toms and snare, head choice

    I've had my kit almost a year now, playing on the stock heads and i've decided its time to move them up. Toms - The stock heads are Remo UX's, basically a thin, clear stock head. For now, I'm keeping those on the resonate side, but I'm buying new batters for a 12/13/16/16 configuration...
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    selling nighthawk kit - pricing help :)

    To get a better kit, these have to go first, so im selling my nighthawk drums (not my cymbals). The thing is im not in a rush to sell them, however the more i look at future kit choices, the more i want to sell them quickly. So i'd like you all to evaluate these and see what kind of tag you'd...
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    750, pdp x7 - catalina maple - used ?

    First - I'm selling my set, and I'm trying to pick out a set to buy so I can buy it as soon as mine sells... I prefer buying used, but I'll probably be with this next drum set for a good while so new is kinda nice. The only used set in my area that i can find that is good (6pc or bigger, not...
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    custom classic?

    what is this custom classic? from what i can find they only have 1 set in something like 6 colors. Im selling my set, but at a kinda higher price. If it does sell, im planning on 600 for a new set, and this one is right at that price and seems to be (from what little i can gather) a nice set...
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    Custom Classic?

    I was browsing around looking at drums on youtube (suprise) and ran across this Custom Classic Pro Maple 6pc set. All i could find was a video from sigler, the custom classic website is under construction, and only a few places (like 2) have them. So their pretty unknown, but their 1st and...
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    stupid sticks - need help!

    im typing one handed as a temporarily wrist-sprained drummer... :( ive been have quite a bit of trouble with the heads on my drumsticks that i use in my right hand.
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    why are drums apparently "obnoxious"?

    Alright, in this day and age drums are one of the most suppressed instruments. I'm not here to gripe, I want to know why. What is it about drums that people have trouble with? Perhaps that along with other percussion instruments, drums are kinda the only thing you cant play notes on. Well, I...
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    Mesh front bass heads

    what sound qualities do these mesh front bass heads have?
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    not a kit to drool over... - my nighthawk

    Not the greatest kit but i love it. 5-piece Gretsch Nighthawk standard 14/12/13/16/22 with an added 16" Excel floor tom. 13" solar hats (better than them sitting in the floor), 14" Medium B8Pro hats, 16" B8Pro Medium Crash, 14" Wuhan China, 10" Wuhan Splash, 18" B8Pro Medium Crash, 20" B8Pro...
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    HH stand turned into rotating HH stand

    well not really rotating, 3 position - - - This morning i was laying in bed looking at my hi-hats that were right in front of my face. i have a cheap excel stand up that im suppose to give to a friend cause his is broken. i was looking at it and also looking at the second pedal of my old...
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    floors' not matching rack toms - heads

    I started with my five piece that has all clear remo UX? nighthawk heads. yesterday for $50 i picked up an Excel 5 piece set. I sold the bass and rack toms to my friend for 35, sold the snare and snare stand to MusicGoRound for 33. i kept the floor tom to add to my set, and while i was at MGR...
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    need cheap stands, bundeled wuhans?

    im tired of having my 16" crash in the floor cause it doesnt have a stand, so im going to get a stand, but i'm also interested in getting a splash and china. I know these aren't the best but are these wuhan cymbals decent...
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    tama rockstar over nighthawk

    I can't find too much specs on them, but as far as i can tell, rockstars are low-end Tama, Basswood/Philippine Mahogany. Theres a 6pc "misty chrome" set for 450 on craigslist that has a Yamaha chrome snare. Right now I've got my Gretsch Nighthawk (solid black), and the people at Gretsch don't...
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    North drums

    so whats the deal with these... odd drums? i read that they are curved to send more direct sound to the audience, but how good are the drums? and how much are they worth? i dont know if they're oddity would make a 6 piece(no snare) worth 700 to me...
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    musicians and drummers

    lol, i was just watching through some of Journey's Arnel Pineda videos and was laughing through almost all of them. i think steve smith said 1 or 2 sentences and their other drummers weren't to be seen anywhere... it seems like theres a worldwide network of musicians (keyboardists, guitarists...
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    Snare Ring (not buzz)

    first, im not that great at tuning... it usually turns into a day long thing just for my toms trying to find the sound i want. My bass drum i lucked out on the first time i tuned it and i've just touched it up and its alright. My toms are decent enough, im alright with those, but my snare...
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    $750 - what are the best options?

    i'm looking to get a better kit than my current (gretsch nighthawk :P) and i'm think of paying about 750. I dont have that yet, but once i do what are some of the kits (new/used)i can get for that that arent beginner kits? I've been really impressed with my gretsch so I'm thinking of the...