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    25 or 6 to 4

    1 2 3 da4. What is the voicing on "da4"? It almost sounds like something is double-tracked.
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    Has anyone's drumming actually moved you to tears?

    There's a local jazz monster in my area. I've seen him with his trio maybe 7-8 times. All three guys are RIDICULOUS, but I find myself just staring at his playing/sticking/chops. Twice now, completely out of the blue and inexplicably, I got a lump in my throat and I teared up. I told him...
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    Piano/keyboard for Drummies

    Hi All, I've been playing drums for 35 years, have formal rudimental education, and am self-taught on the kit. One of my biggest regrets is that I never learned a second instrument. I'd like to learn keys - not necessarily to become a "keyboard player" but proficient enough to be able to lay...
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    Yamaha DTXtreme iis battery life

    Anybody have any experience with the internal battery? I thought I had read somewhere that they should last a couple/few years. I bought my kit used with the "low battery" (I don't recall the exact wording off-hand) warning. I replaced the battery, and here it is about 13 months later, and...
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    Nights in White Satin

    I recently joined a 60s/70s/British Invasion cover band, and I've come to realize that my current ride cymbals don't fit. I need something with a little more wash that can also be crashed. I think ideally what I'm looking for is whatever was used in Moody Blues' "Nights in White Satin."...
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    PDP equivalent throw-off? Anyone???

    I've been looking for a replacement throw-off for my PDP CX maple snare. The mounting holes (2) are vertically spaced 1 3/8". The replacement doesn't have to be PDP or DW - I just want decent quality and I don't want to drill new holes. Can someone/anyone PLEASE help me? I've contacted my...
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    ID my Ludwig snare?

    Can anyone place a birthdate (I'm told 80s-90s) on this? It's a 3.5x13 maple piccolo. If you can't read it, the s/n is 840180. I don't know how to decode the s/n. Thanks.