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    Cheap/free recording software

    Hi, does anyone here know of any cheap or free decent recording software? I'm not looking at making full, high quality recordings with some homemade studio, just something to have a little bit of fun with. Thanks for the help.
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    Unknown/One off drum brands...

    So today I was bored, so I went on eBay just to look at the prices, the gear etc... and I came across a brand I have never heard of and has no website called TJ Wilco. The gear actually (unlike most strange brands) looks really sturdy. Im not interested in buying anything... But. Does anyone...
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    The App Store and drums

    Hi... I was just wondering... Has anyone here found any useful apps on the Apple app store? I don't mean just lessons and stuff, I mean things to play along with or to create music to play along with for fun or anything 'different' and interesting. Recording/notation maybe? I remember at drum...
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    Building a Snare Shell (differently) opinions?

    I'm thinking of building a snare drum, but I don't want to just buy a shell. I want to get some timber, and cut it into multiple quarter of a hoop shapes (4 segments make a full circle, then put another on top etc) and then glue the pieces on top of one another in an overlapping type way to make...