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    New custom concert snare!

    This is the new custom concert snare that I just finished. It is a 14x5 7 ply magnum Keller shell with 45 degree bearing edges. Pearl triad strainer and cables. I designed he wrap myself. It is abalone with a cream pearl inlay with black trim. Heads are Remo 2 mil reso, and Diplomat M5 coated...
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    First new build in a while

    I decided that I wanted a deeper drum set up for playing rudimental solos. So I just finished this 14x6.5 beast! It is a 7 ply Keller magnum shell with 45 degree bearing edges. Tube lugs were used, and I had some spare Ludwig butt plates and throw offs, so I used them to save a few bucks. The...
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    quietest throw offs

    I used to rant about Ludwigs P-85, then I upgraded to the P-86. Functionally, I like it better, but it has more "wire slap" sound when you engage it. the P-85 was quieter to engage. What throw offs are the quietest in your experience? Are side lever throw offs generally quieter than the direct...
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    I can't beleive I bought another one. . .

    I can't believe that I found myself buying another Acrolite off of Ebay yesterday! I have had 4 or 5 of them, and have sold them all in favor of "prestige" drums. I always find myself regretting it, and wishing that i had my Acrolites back. Why? these "cheapo student drums" just sing like no...
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    Drumming and Parkinsons

    I am seeing a neurologist to see whether or not I have Parkinson's disease. I don't want to stop drumming. Is anyone here aware of drummers who have had Parkinsons?
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    A great alternative to buzzy, snappy snare wires.

    Here is a really great alternative to the regular snappy wire snares, which give a lot of sympathetic buzzing. These are very sensitive, many applications. Pricey, but will last for years, and are great on 2 mil heads also.
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    Intriguing snare drum design!

    Two drums in one!
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    Most musical drummers of all time?

    Who, in your humble opinions, were/are the most MUSICAL drummers of all time? I am not talking blazing speed, but those who were just great at making music. I will kick it off by throwing out Joe Morrello as just one of those . . .
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    Definition of a drummer . . .

    "A drummer is a person who packs $1,500 of gear into a car, drives 100 miles, just to make $50.00. What's your definition? :o)
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    Thoughts about my new Supra

    I just received my new Supraphonic snare from Shane and the good folks at DCP. Good folks to deal with, BTW. it is an LM400T, teh standard 5" snare with tube lugs. I have always wanted one of these since I was in High School, but they have always eluded me, for some reason. this is my last...
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    New Inde drum clip

    Found this new clip of Inde drums set . . . I'm in love!
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    Masters snares discontinued?

    I did a quick fly by of the Pearl site, and I see no mention of the Masters series snares. Has any one heard if they are discontinued?
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    New N&C web site!

    Nobel and Cooley have updated the site, and it is too cool! Ludwig should have hired these guys . . . . .
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    Great design from Oriollo

    I was looking at the very interesting lug design from Oriollo, and noticed that you can see the threads of the tension rods as they come through the lug. there is a great idea here, and I don't know if it was intentional or not, or just a great side benefit. by being able to see the amount of...
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    The glue argument

    I have never understood the reasoning that many promoters of steam bent or other configurations of wood shells use on their sites, that the reason that ply shells do not sound as good as solid shells is the glue. The claim is often made that the surfaces of individual plys in ply shells contain...
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    Jazz legend dies . . .

    Although he wasn't a drummer, I hate to announce the passing of Pete fountain at age 86. One of the greatest Dixieland jazz clarinetist of all time. the passing of any musician of this caliber deserves notice. RIP. A traditional jazz funeral is in the making.
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    Ludwig badge . . .

    I unexpectedly had a 70's Acrolite fall into my lap, but it does not have a badge. Does anyone know if it is possible to contact Ludwig to get a blank, u-numbered olive blue badge as a replacement?
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    Why are ply shells being dissed?

    I for one, would never argue that steam bent shells, stave or other configurations don't sound good. The sounds speaks for themselves. I do find it a bit frustrating that as more makers are turning out those higher end configurations, there is more of a tendancy to somehow relegate ply shells to...
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    Johhny Craviotto passes . . .

    I just found out that Johhny Craviotto passed away on July 15. I haven't seen anything on the forum, so thought I would mention it. RIP.
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    How many use the legendary . . .

    I remember when I played set drums, and I found a cowbell to be indispensable. How many here still have (use) this legendary piece of equipment? They date back to the original "traps" approach to drumming.