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    Bass drum riser

    Has anyone here used the Gibraltar bass drum riser? I'm thinking about buying a riser for my 18" Gretsch but I want to make sure the riser I go with will fit my pedal(s) comfortably. Right now when I play...
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    eKit cymbal advice needed

    I'm thinking about buying a decent ekit but I can't find one that has good Hihat and cymbal response. I haven't looked at every ekit but I've tried some Yamaha and Roland. I realize the sky is the limit and one could dish out over $10K easy on an ekit. Are there some kits out there that have...
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    Help choosing electronic kit

    Hi - first time on the Electronic Drums site. I am seriously thinking about switching from acoustic to edrums. I'm looking at this mainly because we will be selling our home in the future and probably moving into a retirement community - a smaller place and probably very close to our...
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    A nice 3pc vintage kit on ebay... anyone?

    Anyone here involved in this? Nice little kit. Some serious bidding.
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    First I'd like to offer a very big thankyou to Forum member Harry Conway for gifting me this little beauty! Harry received the drum with a Black paint finish over the original Pearl Wrap. I removed the paint (even the badge was painted black!) to reveal a pretty beat up factory...
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    I was in a local drum shop today and there was a pretty nice cocktail drum kit on display - TRS Custom Drums - Made in Ontario Canada. I was just looking and the last thing I needed was another drum kit. The manager said he just took in a similar cocktail kit - same make but model up from the...
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    Mr. Elvin Jones' Gretsch Floor Tom

    The latest drum to be added to my late 50's early 60's kit. Gretsch 16" Floor Tom in Starlight Sparkle. The finish was introduced by Gretsch in 1958 to celebrate their 75th Anniversary. This drum belonged to the late Elvin Jones. The kit was leant out and never returned. The only drum to...
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    Carl Palmer's new signature Ludgwig snare?

    Does anyone here have one of these - and if so - how do you like it? I bought one today, sight-unseen. Took a chance, seems like a cool drum and the price was right. I like the size 3.7x14..........but I think I bought it because it's green haha. Looking forward to test driving it.
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    I put this together since last December. It started by finding an original (54-58?) Gretsch 9x13 Cadillac Green tom complete with all the original gold hardware. It took 6 months or so to get all the 3ply shells together. I have all the era correct hardware - a lot of it came with the drums -...
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    Anyone else this type of P.M. here?

    I saw I had a noticfication of private message - this is what I got: WHARUNA CHEMBERS Dearest one I am Barrister Wahab Haruna from cote d'voire, West Africa, I am a legal practitioner in cote d'ivoire,i have a some thing to intruduce to you it is very vital and confidential,please I look...
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    I got some - small file - photos of my LangPercussion snare drum a few days ago. The shell has been built and painted on the outside. Finish: Close to a Cadillac Green (Gretsch). A high-end automotive paint was used here. Gretsch used a Nirto Cellulose lacquer on their drums. 7x14 3ply...
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    Mid 50's Gretsch Tom in Cadillac Green & Gold

    I won this on eBay last night and I'm pretty thrilled with it. Although the gold hardware may just be painted not plated.........still, if the finish is what lots of folks are saying it is (including the seller) Cadillac Green....then it is one rare puppy.'s a little beat up, but...
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    K ZIldjian - help please

    I bought this today......on a local pawn shop. The sticker price was $199 - they sold it to me for $150. A nice K Zildjian 20" Heavy Ride - and it is heavy. Does anyone here know the year this particular model was issued and roughly what they were new? I know it's not a...
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    Picked this up in a pawn shop

    GRETSCH Model 4108 (70's) StopSign Badge Aluminum shelled snare drum and button-footed snare stand. My wife was looking for a tile cutter and called me at work to say "there's a gretsch drum with a square badge here and it has a white finish and it's $145 with a little stand too." I was...
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    I'm buying a 7x14 snare drum and will be looking for a good hardshell case for it. I emailed SKB - they said they don't make a "7x14" case but they have a 6.5x14 that may fit and this one: SKB SKBD0814 Molded 8"x14" Snare Drum Case Unfortunately there are no cases like this in the local drum...
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    I got my new for 2011 Gretsch Microsensitive strainer last week. Some of you may have a Vintage Gretsch snare drum with one of those microsensitive strainers....the ones that are prone to break down and are very expensive to replace - if you can even find them these days. I took my Vintage...
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    What is the BEST all-round snare head?

    Sorry if this has been posted here - but if it has I can't find it so far. I'm looking for some feedback on what you have used over the years and what's a really good all-round head. I use mostly a Remo Coated Ambassador (CA) for a snare batter head on most of my snare drums. I tried an...
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    Tacked my third drum this year - this one: 1953 Gretsch FT

    It looks like a 'Mad Scientist' got at this drum but there was/is a method to the madness haha. I tacked a reso head on this 16" floor tom as you can see. I could not find the original type oval flated head two-pronged tacks so I used Upolstery Tacks. They match the "Daisy" series pins...
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    My New Shellpack!

    I picked up this Noble&Cooley kit yesterday in a local music store. It had been sitting on a top shelf for years. I looked at it a few years ago and asked to buy it at that time but was told it was not for sale. I asked again yesterday and someone beat me to it and was suppose to come by and...
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    They're ordered !!

    It will be a while before I see these drums but the most important step has been taken: I ordered a Gretsch Custom USA shellpack (3 drums) today. I already have a NEW 125 anniversary snare drum (4.5x14) thanks mostly to Harry Conway here. So I completed the picture by ordering these: 1418 bd/...