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    Zedi Forder - Two new releases

    I drum for a band called Zedi Forder and we've just dropped two new albums on Bandcamp. If your open to new tunes please head over and have a listen. (Rock/Metal). We're getting some great feedback so far though it's early days.
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    Zedi Forder debut EP (Heavy rock)

    My band Zedi Forder have released their debut EP. We've been getting super positive feedback so far so head over for downloads and full streams and come tickle their new facebook page to help build it up!
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    FREE DOWNLOADS - UK heavy bands Tricore, An Entire Legion, & Rind Skank mail drive

    UK heavy bands Tricore, An Entire Legion, & Rind Skank are doing a mailing list drive and giving away music for just one more week. Head on over to see if anything tickles your whiskers - Download tracks in exchange for emails. Please share this with friends who might be interested...
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    Hello & DRUMMER search in UK

    Hi - I'm Chris, Drummer from the bands An Entire Legion & Tricore. Glad to be here! I also sing in a band called Rind Skank (electro/alt/rock). We're currently looking a UK based, talented, ambitious, click savvy DRUMMER. (Aged early twenties to early thirties). If anyone reads this and is...