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    Can somebody help me figure out this drum beat? The song is "It's Your Thing" by Cold Grits
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    Drum Lessons

    Hi, can someone please recommend some drum teachers in Louisiana? After reading several reviews, I believe "in person" lessons are more beneficial and helpful than online lessons. Ramble on.
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    Drum setup

    Hi, I am new to this community and need help with my drum setup. I initially purchased a 1983 Pearl Master Maple kit and it came as 13, 14, 18, and 24. I purchased a 16 inch floor tom bc I love the 1 up, 2 down setup. Do you think I should keep the 13 or the 14 as my mounted Tom? Also, for snare...
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    Drumset Addition

    I need help deciding on a new tom for my drumset. I currently own a 1983 Pearl Masters Maple drumset: 14x6.5 snare 13 tom 14 tom 18 FT 24 bass I am stuck between a 1 up 2 down or a 2 up 2 down set, but I can't decide if I should keep my 13 or 14 and add a 16 inch FT or sell my 13 and add a 12...
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    Most important lessons for beginners

    While typing this, I believe I am speaking for all beginner drummers. One of the most difficult tasks when learning to play the drums is deciding where to begin. Do I learn stick speed and control? Do I learn rhythm? Do I learn all 40 rudiments? Do I learn basic beats? The questions continue...
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    Cymbal/Tom stand stabilization

    I previously purchased 2 pearl uni-lock tom holders to attach my toms to my cymbals stands. It feels great, except for some intense shaking after every strike. Is there anything out there that will help stabilize my two toms? I would prefer not having to purchase new stands. Ramble on.
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    Increasing drum hand speed/chops

    I have been trying to build my drum hand speed/chops for quite a while now and have seen minimal success, if any at all. I have been learning the 40 rudiments in hopes of improving my speed, but to no avail. What is an effective practicing method? Should I just continue learning the rudiments...
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    Conversion of Tom Bracket

    After sound advice, I have finally decided to purchase 1 Pearl ADP-20 Adapter and 1 ADP-30 Adapter (just in case I decide to incorporate another tom later on). I plan on attaching them to my ride stand and crash/ride stand, respectively. Unfortunately, I have ran into another dilemma. After...
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    Cheaper alternatives?

    I own this massive Pearl Master drum set and I am trying to figure out how I can set up my two (13x10 and 14x11) toms. I do not want to put them on top of my bass drum. I like how the BD sounds with ports open. If possible, I would like to keep the remaining cymbal stands I have so I do not...
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    Positioning of 2 mounted toms

    I own a 5 piece Pearl Master Series drum set and it is rather large. It includes: 14x6.5 snare 13x10 tom 14x11 tom 18x16 FT 24 BD I am trying to position these 2 toms (13 and 14) above my bass drum in the most cost efficient way possible. I have never been a fan of racks, so I was wondering if...
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    Advice on drum additions

    I have recently picked up drumming and I love it. I purchased an old school Pearl Masters Drumset that includes 5 drums: Snare: 14x6.5 Rack Toms: 13x9 and 14x10 Floor Tom: 18x16 BD: 24' I am looking to expand my drumset into a 6 piece or 7 piece set in the most cost efficient way possible. I...