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    Antonio Sanchez Full Transcription

    Does Anybody have any of Antonio Sanches Full Song Transcription??? I Remember a while ago lutz mayer said he had one coming??? Im really willing to dig into his playing... Thanks Guys
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    Need Help to get hold Of Lutz Mayer

    Ive been trying to get hold of Lutz Mayer!!! He used to have the username sickrick and then sticktrick, does any of you guys know where he has been and if how to get hold of him??? Could be email, website, etc... I Heard he stopped playing drums which i hope is a lie... terry B, Lutz Mayer and...
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    Software for Video Slow Motion

    Can you guys please help me. I got some drum videos and want to transcribe them note for note. Can you guys please help me with a software and where to find it??? I Want something good that keeps the video with good quality. Thank You Guys!!! God Bless You all!!!