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  1. Munchdrum

    Non flat Supraphonic

    I was changing the head on my 402 earlier and notice that it looked as though there was a slight dip in the rim. The dip is at the nearest point to the camera in the first pic, and the second shows a gap under it when on a flat surface. I've never noticed the a problem with the tuning, but i...
  2. Munchdrum

    Your sound

    Recently I've been experimenting with different heads/tunings etc and was wondering how you came about finding the drums/cymbals/heads/tuning etc that suit you? Or indeed if it is possible to find the perfect match?
  3. Munchdrum

    New Ludwi Centenials

    New Ludwig Centenials Hi guys I picked up my new Centenials with a 14x6.5 Supraphonic the other day and I love it so thought i'd share some pics with you. They aren't great pics but you get the idea. 20x20 12x8 16x14 14x6.5
  4. Munchdrum

    Help Identifying my premier kit

    Hey guy i was just wondering if anybody knew what series/wood my kit is? cheers