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  1. WhoIsTony?

    Gonna get a ton of hate for saying this...

    more like ... these guys all sound the way they do because Tony changed the game and gave them a path to follow and build on
  2. WhoIsTony?

    Playing the upstroke after tap..

    Jeff Johnson ... a member here ... has a great book called the Level System worth checking out for sure
  3. WhoIsTony?

    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    the reason for the formula change from the source
  4. WhoIsTony?

    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    it's become a sort of pop culture type joke now amongst musicians ... corny as hell to me personally not unlike the whole Travis Barker thing ... Lars is not Vinnie ... nor did he ever have to be or claim to be. What he played on those first 3 records is enough to solidify him as one of...
  5. WhoIsTony?

    What are you listening to right now?

    been on a huge Hiatus Kaiyote kick this band kicks so much ass
  6. WhoIsTony?

    How about Brushes?

  7. WhoIsTony?

    Jazz brushes technique - DVD with visual

    playing brushes is the most personal aspect in all of drumming it doesn't matter how you get the sound ... just use your ears and get the sound in your own way the link to the DVD above and the videos I'm posting below are the best brush material you will find
  8. WhoIsTony?

    Jazz brushes technique - DVD with visual
  9. WhoIsTony?

    Philly Joe Jones trading 4s

    Love that book
  10. WhoIsTony?

    Rick Dior

    I've been watching this guy for years and I can honestly say ... in all my years in the business ... as a professional player and a long time instructor I've never come across anyone as well rounded and proficient in so many areas as Rick... that includes all the GREAT well known players who's...
  11. WhoIsTony?

    Doing my best to channel Levon Helm

  12. WhoIsTony?

    Songs That Speed Up or Slow Down

    I got one ... every song in existence pre 1983 it's called ebb and flow and it is extremely important in music
  13. WhoIsTony?

    Zoom’d out yet?

    yes 63... It had looked like the first number was a 1 in the photo. ...and Ploughman is my buddy Jack ... anything he says about rogers is gold for sure beautiful drum you have there
  14. WhoIsTony?

    Zoom’d out yet?

    that may be earlier than you think ... what is the serial #? I can read it
  15. WhoIsTony?

    Zoom’d out yet?

    I’d love to see that
  16. WhoIsTony?

    Zoom’d out yet?

    hang in there brother ... the kit is a 1966 Rogers Headliner configuration ... I'm a 60s Rogers nut and have a room full of them :)
  17. WhoIsTony?

    Zoom’d out yet?

    tough times ... hang in there
  18. WhoIsTony?

    Zoom’d out yet?

    Thank you sir 1966 Rogers Headliner configuration
  19. WhoIsTony?

    Zoom’d out yet?

    Thanks guys. In these times it’s easy for kids (and adults) to get sick of virtual life. Just trying to keep it positive a experience
  20. WhoIsTony?

    Zoom’d out yet?

    Teaching has accounted for the majority of my income since I stopped touring when my first child was born 7 years ago. In my 19 years as a teacher I’ve always had a full roster plus a waiting list. This is the first year that I see a dip in students... and I understand why. These are tough...