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    What is this? - 8-Channel A/D and D/A Converter

    Hey guys I was reccomending some interfaces to my mate to record drums , and came across this : I don't think its an interface as it just seems to have XLR inputs on the front , and XLR outputs on the back. Just wondering if...
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    Could you check out my bro on youtube :)?

    Hey guys Wondering if you could check out my brothers new song on youtube , it would really inspire him to do more guitar if you could throw a quick comment :) Cheers! Link :
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    Sabian AA hi hats and Zildjian A Custom 21"

    Hey guys! Sorry this is probably the wrong place to post where you are selling cymbals , but i can't find a classified heading unless it is inside another forum But im selling these two great cymbals at a good price. AMAZING condition! Links ...
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    Allowed to advertise Ebay listing?

    Hey there! Just wondering , are you allowed to advertise Ebay listings selling drum items? If so , which forum header? Cheers! :)
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    How to post cymbals?

    Hey guys Im looking to sell some nice zildjian cymbals on Ebay as im moving house and need to downgrade to an electric kit. Just wondering what the best method (Royal Mail or Parcelforce) is the best way to go about posting them? I get confused with all the mailing options :( So another...
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    How important are rudiments?

    Hey guys! So the situation really is that our kitchen got flooded (! :( ) and my music room is being used as a temp kitchen while its being re done which sucks , but i knew it would help my parents out a heap. No music room = no sound proof. Although our neighbours are nice , i just feel so god...
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    Drum kit for practice

    Hey guys Just wondering if any of you live in an area that does not allow you to play a proper acoustic kit with no pads etc for practice. For noise , space etc. What do you guys use for practice if this is the case , and do you have 2 seperate kits? One for live and one of practice? Cheers!
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    Can bass drum technique influence stool height?

    Hey all I play heel up when i go into faster double bass and lift my heel up more so than if i was doing slower double bass for example. Now when i do this , my thighs are quite high and gets in the way if i want to do blast beats for eaxample. So a few questions 1) Is it best to sit quite high...
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    Legs at right angle?

    Hey all I heard people reccomend for drumming you have your legs at a right angle and thighs parralel to the ground. But i was wondering if this is when your feet are on the floor , or on the pedals? Im stuck because i trying to find a comfortable position for double bass drumming :( Thanks!!!
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    Fast Track Ultra - Quiet!

    Hey guys , i just got the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra today. It seems really good , but it seems i need to turn the gain all the way up almost for my acoustic guitar through my mic to be heard. Is this normal or fine? Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their interfaces...
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    Drum racks?

    Hey guys I just have normal tom mounting system , and i was wondering what are the advantages of having a drum rack? Also , what about straight racks vs the ones that go round your kit? Cheers guys!
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    USB Recording Interface!!

    Hey all! Im looking to buy a USB recording interface that can record at least 4 tracks at the same time (in 4 seperate channels). Unfortunately i am unable to use firewire as my laptop doesn't have a firewire port :( My budget is no more than £230 for all doesn't need to be 8 pre...
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    Calling all double bass players!

    Hey folks! Just a quick question/poll. When you play double bass , what part of the pedal is your feet on? As in high (next to beater) , middle or quite low? What do you think are the benifits of playing lower , higher whatever? Lol......not really a poll at all , but oh well :P Cheers! :D
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    Why does this drummer sit so far back?

    Hey guys I was observing how metal drummers play , and they all have their drum throne quite a bit away from their snare , thus meaning they are quite far back form their kit. Like this guy , are all drummers supposed to sit far back like this? What are the benifits etc? Link ...
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    Multitrack interface :)

    Hello there :) Im looking to record drums but not in just 1 track. In 4 tracks separately (multitracking) , so i am able to able different EQ to the different parts of the kit. Just wondering if people could reccomend me an interface to achieve this without breaking the bank to much. USB 2.0...