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    Okok, 2 covers on youtube because Kalma subscribed :)

    Because ifleugel (Kalma) recently was the first crazy enough to subscribe to my channel, where absolutely NOTHING interesting was at... I decided I couldn't let him down and upload some drum vids then. 2 quick covers: Slash - Beautiful Dangerous: Foo...
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    DVD recording of my band 2 years ago (great female singer!)

    This was recorded 2 years ago by a local radio station. Don't ask me why it has video, but we got a free DVD from it so I'm not complaining! :o) Live gig at a local pub. I was a bit tipsy though, shame on me. But anyway; here it is: "Shadows in Me", by Natha Lee (that's us)...
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    Allanah Myles - Black Velvet - played by a mix of students

    This is played by a mix of students from my drum teacher, his nephew (bass guitar teacher) and his brother (guitar teacher). Pretty musical family :) They create a "students day" every year or so, in which they give every student a few songs to prepare. They then rehease that once and then they...