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    New Kit, Finally have a Luddy

    I recently acquired a Ludwig Centennial Kit in Bonham sizes and Red Sparkle finish. I can honestly say I love this kit, I feel like my playing has improved 100% of course time and practice help too. I apologize for some of the fuzziness in the photos, also I've changed all the stock tom heads to...
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    Jimmy D'anda

    Couldn't find a thread on him so I made one, He was the drummer for the band Bulletboys back in the 80s, whether you like the band or not(I personally am a Fan), you can't deny his power, groove and style. He was one of the few people at the bonzo bash events that truely captured the groove of...
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    Looking for a certain snare sound.

    So I'm trying to figure out how to get a certain snare sound, its difficult to explain, I have a few examples(which may not be to everyone's liking, but this is about the sound of the snare not so much the music) Its basically a high poppy, cracky sound, mostly from late 80s early 90s hard rock...
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    Just recorded a new song, Lemme know what you Think

    Just recorded this song tuesday night, lemme know what you think, I just ask that you be kind with your comments. Listen with headphones if possible.
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    I'd be very appreciative if you guys would check out my bands demo, there all rough mixes, we play a more old school hard rock style. I'd love to hear what you guys think, please be kind.
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    Getting the best kick drum sound

    Hey guys, I've been trying really hard to get the best kick sound I can, I use a 26x14 kick drum and I'm currently using the John Bonham felt strip technique, which has helped considerably but I still feel like there could be more boom. Any and all suggestion appreciated!
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    Stupid question, GC Drum-off

    I decided to enter the drum-off this year for fun, and was wondering if anyone knew if they provide the transport for the out of state rounds of the competition? not being cocky or anything just curious if i happened to make it that far.
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    Best for Live Performance

    I know theres probably already a thread but I didn't really wanna look for it, anyway I've been a coated head guy for a very long time and recently started thinking what would be better for mixing and clarity for live performance. The mic situation for my kit right now is usually only the snare...
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    grip tape suggestions

    After a long run without using it i feel like i may need to start using it, any suggestion for tape that doesnt tear the living crap out of your hands?
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    New 26 inch kick

    As title says i got my 26 inch kick drum, which im in awe over, it is the best kick ive ever played. i converted a marching kick drum to a regular kick. lemme whatcha think. also got a new dw 2000 double pedal which is working amazingly
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    Updated setup

    I just wrapped two more toms to add to my set up. I couldnt get a full behind the kit shot so i just took some angled shots. had to throw the last one from our last gig before i added the toms on the side. Current setup: Pearl Forum series( yea i know not the best line but they sound good with...
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    Goin to be recording soon, advice please.

    My band is goin to be recording a demo soon, i've never been in a studio and don't know what to expect or if theres any way i should approach playing, advice?
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    BJ Zampa

    I just recently came across him and hes criminally underrated, hard hitting, and has pretty good groove. he's played for; Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Maclpine, and is the current backbone for House Of Lords. BJ drum solo:
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    Hoping to get a 26-28 kick soon

    I'm looking to get either a 26 or a 28 inch kick drum, wondering if there was anything i should know about moving up the kick size and the best ways to make it sound good
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    Troy Patrick Farrell

    He's not the most technical player, but he's a great live performer, adds a little something to every song he plays that visually looks badass while not taking away from the performance, kind of like a Vik Foxx, both drummers really made me wanna step up my game as a live performer. He also has...